Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Gynecomastia

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Gynecomastia or “male breasts” is a common condition affecting men of all ages and sizes. Most men who have gynecomastia are self-conscious about the appearance of their chest and often go to great lengths to hide the condition. Many refuse to remove their shirts at the pool, beach, or while playing sports. The following are questions that are frequently asked about gynecomastia.

Can’t I just diet and workout to get rid of my “man boobs”?

Many men have tried every form of intense chest exercises and low fat diets to alleviate their gynecomastia to no avail. Determination alone is not effective, and many men become frustrated by the amount of effort they’ve put forth. Only surgery can correct gynecomastia.

How should I choose a plastic surgeon?

Choose a plastic surgeon that has treated a large number of men with gynecomastia. Experience with this type of plastic surgery is very important. Ask to see the surgeon’s before and after photos and to read other patients’ testimonials. To read more about the consultation process, and to review the Parker Center’s Consultation Checklist, visit our website: /consultation/

How painful is the surgery?

Most patients say the surgery is not as painful as they expected. In fact, patients describe their recovery as easy, and the pain as being comparable to the discomfort they experience after a heavy chest workout in the gym.

How long does it take to see the results?

Most men see an almost immediate improvement in their chest contour; however, complete results often take 4-6 months. Swelling and some bruising are normal after surgery, and the healing time will depend on the individual.

When can I return to the gym or sports?

Most patients begin exercising slowly about one week after surgery and find they are back to their usual gym routine around two weeks. Most men can return to work after 5-7 days unless they have a very physical job and need an extra week to recuperate.

Dr. Paul M. Parker of the Parker Center of Plastic Surgery performs gynecomastia surgery using both liposuction and removal of excess breast tissue. Visit Dr. Parker’s website, to see dozens of before and after photos and read real patients’ stories about their gynecomastia surgery. Call us at (201) 967-1212 for a consultation.

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