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Mommy Makeover: New Jersey Moms Turning Back Time

Childbirth is a privilege, a responsibility and a joy. Many women suggest there is no more fulfilling time in their lives than in carrying their children and bringing them forth into this world. Your life is changed forever. And for many, so is your body. Enjoy these real life stories and see how with the …

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New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Parker, M.D. Offers a Groundbreaking Technique in Abdominal Sculpting, Promising Great Advances in Safety and Aesthetics

Lipoabdominoplasty is a revolutionary procedure which combines liposuction and many of the principles of the traditional tummy tuck. It allows Dr. Parker to contour the torso and attain optimum aesthetic results with a more rapid recovery from surgery. The procedure was pioneered in Brazil and is newly available to the US. Click here to read …

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