Why Renowned Beauty Consultant Stephanie Popper Only Uses the Parker Center for Cosmetic Surgery in New Jersey

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Stephanie Popper is one of the few women in America that can brag of getting offered free cosmetic surgery from some of the most well known plastic surgeons in the Northeast.  Yet, as an aesthetic consultant, Stephanie will only use the Parker Center for stephaniepopper_parkercenter.jpgcosmetic surgery in New Jersey—and the following article explains why.

Who is Stephanie Popper?

Stephanie Popper is a professional aesthetic consultant that works with dermatologists and plastic surgeons to set up their practices and provide business training for the ultimate client experience.

Having been involved with high-end cosmetic surgeons in New York City and the surrounding area for over 10 years, Stephanie knows her stuff when it comes to cosmetic procedures, techniques and office management.

Essentially, Stephanie is regarded by her peers as the aesthetic arsenal behind some of the “top plastic surgeons” that you see listed in New York Magazine and other high-profile publications.

Why Stephanie Uses the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

To understand the magnitude of Stephanie’s use of the Parker Center for her cosmetic procedures, it’s important to realize that Stefanie gets offered FREE plastic surgery from some of the “top docs” she’s encountered as a thank you for her incredible work.

Yet she graciously declines, as Dr. Parker is the only cosmetic surgeon in New Jersey that she is willing to entrust her body and overall care to.

Stephanie’s First Experience with the Parker Center

Stephanie actually heard about Dr. Parker through word of mouth recommendations within the industry. Having moved to the area from New York City, Stephanie was told that “Dr. Parker was the top guy to see in Bergen County for plastic surgery”.

So based on this advice, she decided to visit Dr. Parker in 1999 to have him replace a ruptured implant.  Stephanie recounts how during the consultation Dr. Parker was brutally honest with her and explained that in order achieve the results she wanted, he would need to make the implants smaller and give her a breast lift.

However, as an industry veteran, Stephanie insisted that she knew what she wanted and over rode Dr. Parker’s suggestions.

It wasn’t long before she realized that Dr. Parker was absolutely right and she was sorry she didn’t listen to him in the first place.  Now unhappy that her breasts were way too big and saggy and she went to him for another consultation in September 2008.

This time they discussed implementing Dr. Parker’s original suggestions and she ended up going through with the procedure.  Not only are her new breasts smaller and lifted, but he was able to get them under the muscle, which is something she wasn’t able to have done before.

In response to both breast procedures, Stephanie says, “Every time Dr. Parker does surgery, it’s beyond my expectations”.

Meanwhile, Stephanie was so impressed with Dr. Parker’s skill and judgment during her breast augmentation that she decided to have liposuction sometime between the two procedures listed above.   Again, Stephanie chose Dr. Parker for her work amid offers to have the procedure done for free at other cosmetic surgery firms.

Incredible Results with Liposuction

While Stephanie was beyond thrilled with her breast implants, she is quick to point out that her results from liposuction have single-handedly sent more referrals to the Parker Center than any traditional advertising campaign could ever achieve!

Basically, Stephanie decided to have liposuction because she gained a small amount of weight due to stress that she couldn’t lose through diet and exercise.

And again, to her surprise, Stephanie says her liposuction “was beyond my wildest expectations”.

She specifically states that Dr. Parker’s technique and skill in the field of cosmetic surgery not only gave her a flat stomach, but also the look of chiseled abs that would otherwise take months or years to achieve with a personal trainer.

Strangers Take Notice of Stephanie’s Results

Yet even before her liposuction procedure, Stephanie admits that she was professionally and personally the person to go to in the New Jersey and NYC for plastic surgery referrals (simply because she was so familiar with the industry).

But after her liposuction procedure with Dr. Parker, Stephanie says that “all I had to do was show my stomach and pose and people would flock to the office for similar procedures”.

Clearly her results spoke for themselves.

Why Listen to Stephanie?

As a patient and professional aesthetic consultant, Stephanie says that Dr. Parker’s facility is above and beyond anything she’s ever seen in the industry.  She can’t say enough about the Parker Center’s triple accredited operating room and rapid recovery techniques.

She’s equally impressed with Dr. Parker’s bedside manner, stating “Dr. Parker will meet with you an additional two times before your surgery just to see how you are doing and answer any questions.  Now mind you, the procedure has already been ‘sold’.  Most plastic surgeons won’t do any more past this point.  But for Dr. Parker, the patient is his first priority and he does whatever it takes to help people feel comfortable with their decision”

Finally, Stephanie adds that as an aesthetic consultant, her reputation means everything to her—as word of mouth is one of the top sources of referrals to her business.  She says that every time she recommends a patient to see Dr. Parker, her reputation is on the line—and she would not make that suggestion if Dr. Parker was not the best in her opinion.

Thank You Stephanie!

On behalf of the Parker Center, we just wanted to say “Thank You Stephanie!” for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your story with our prospective clients.  We appreciate your enthusiasm and support and thank you for being such a wonderful friend to our practice.

And as a note to our prospective cosmetic surgery patients, don’t just take Stephanie’s word for it.  We encourage you to come in for a consultation with Dr. Parker and the rest of our surgical staff.

To get started with cosmetic surgery in New Jersey, please call 201-967-1212.

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