With Dr Parker in New Jersey, Eyelid Surgery and Body Contouring was a Huge Success for This Ballroom Dancer

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mary-ellen-01.jpgDeciding to have plastic surgery was the easy part. I’ve wanted to have surgery for a very long time but family responsibilities, finances and time away from my job as a property manager were all obstacles I had to resolve. My figure has always been what you would call a “pear shape.” It seemed I was forever altering my pants to fit my thighs and hips. The only skirts I could wear were loose and long. Belts were out of the question. Also, as a little girl my eye was droopy due to a weak muscle. When I hit my 40’s my lids were sagging to the point where I couldn’t wear contacts. What was the catalyst that finally made me pull the trigger? 5 years ago I took up ballroom dancing lessons and liked it so much that I now perform competitively. If you’ve ever seen ‘Dancing with the Stars’ you know that the costumes can be quite unforgiving. Now was the perfect time for some positive changes. My goal was to correct my eyelids and change the contour of my thighs.

Right around the time I decided to go ahead and schedule surgery there was a news story about someone dying during elective surgery. That didn’t discourage me, but reinforced my commitment to really do my homework. I used the Internet extensively and checked physician’s licenses, how long they had been in practice, their background, residency program, training, board certification, and facility accreditation. I talked with friends and evaluated websites and testimonials. I liked what I read about Dr. Parker’s credentials on the Internet—he had all the certifications and experience I was looking for. I arranged a consultation. The thing that most impressed me was he was such a nice man. He was laid back and calm, warm but professional. He took a lot of time with me so I didn’t feel like I was on edge or rushed. The fact that his anesthesiologist worked with him forever was a real selling point. I knew I was buying the whole surgical team. Dr. Parker suggested I get my upper and lower eyelids lifted and my thighs and knees contoured with liposuction.  I was also comforted by being able to see firsthand the work Dr. Parker had performed on several of his staff members. Not only did they look terrific, but they were very enthusiastic about their surgeries and quick recovery.

mary-ellen-021.jpgMy recovery was a pleasant surprise. Before I even left the recovery room, I could already see a big difference in my thighs. I had surgery on a Tuesday and was back at work the next Monday. The little bit of soreness and bruising from the lipo was manageable and my eyes were swollen for a few days, but within a week, even that was minimal. My biggest fear was the pain, and I cannot even explain how painless the whole thing was. Everyone associated with Dr. Parker’s practice made me comfortable at all times—physically and emotionally. My advice to anyone considering cosmetic surgery is this: after you do your homework, go ahead and don’t think twice. You should have the final answer.

People cannot believe the difference my surgery has made in how I look and the confidence I feel. One of my friends is having her eyes done by Dr. Parker now too. Today, I’m wearing contacts and fitting into size 6 jeans and straight skirts. At my last lesson I was in a short Latin skirt with fishnets. “Nice butt!” my teacher said. “I’m old enough to be his mother,” I thought. How great is that?

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  • Wanda Costanzo says:

    Mary Ellen was my inspiration for having my surgery. Her enthusiasm and overall good feeling about herself was inspiring, not to mention how beautiful she looks. I’m now into 4 weeks recovery and I see a difference every day. She is so right about Dr. Parker’s professionalism and impeccable work. Dr. Parker and his team do make a great package. My pre and post-operative care was amazing. My husband says I look ten year younger, I can’t ask for more than that.

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