New Jersey Liposuction News: Women and Men Enjoy the Benefits of This Procedure

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Despite all the differences in the sexes, cosmetic surgery in New Jersey is a growing trend among women and men. According to Dr. Paul M. Parker, surgeon and found of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, there has been a “slight uptick” in men receiving procedures like liposuction and he expects this trend to continue.


Previously, women and liposuction would go hand in hand. But, in today’s society men are also concerned about their appearance. So, while women still dominate the statistics, liposuction for men New Jersey is on the rise.

There are some key differences when it comes to the sexes and this procedure, as noted in a recent press release from Dr. Parker. The most significant difference is why and where fat accumulates. He says, “Where a woman accumulates fat is hormonally directed.” This is because of the havoc birth control pills, pregnancy and menopause have on a woman’s hormones. Even a female with low body fat can have pooches of fat in the thighs.

Another difference is the density of tissue in different areas. Breast reduction for men New Jersey is aided by the type of system Dr. Parker uses. The VASER emits ultrasonic energy to emulsify the fat. This is important because the male breasts are quite fibrous. Then once emulsified, the fat is easy to remove. Women’s fat tends to be less dense and softer than men’s.

At the Parker Center, Dr. Parker notes that the most popular treatment sites for men are the abdomen, flanks, breasts and neck. For women, the most popular areas are the abdomen, hips, inner and outer thighs, knees, neck and arms. Men simply do not typically accumulate fat in the arms and legs like women do.


No matter the differences between the sexes, treatment is individualized at the Parker Center. Dr. Parker understands the need to really listen to his patients and find out what bothers them the most. “Together, we decide the best way to move forward in treatment,” he says. Of course, sometimes he encounters patients who may want liposuction but are not good candidates. “I have to be able to explain why it’s not an option and what the alternatives are and we go from there,” he says.

For cosmetic surgery in New Jersey, whether it is liposuction or something else, more information can be found at To schedule a consultation with Dr. Parker, call (201) 967-1212.

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