Mommy Makeovers: New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Reveals Why Women Struggle to Return to their Post-Pregnancy Figure

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While pregnancy and childbirth are a beautiful and joyous experience for a mother, the physical changes to the body often leave a woman unhappy, dissatisfied and even embarrassed over her appearance. Such changes often include sagging or deflated breasts, loose stomach muscles, stubborn fat and excess skin covered in stretch marks.


Accord0_new_jersey_lipoabdominoplasty.jpging to Dr. Paul Parker, there are a number of biological reasons that prevent the body from returning back to its pre-pregnancy shape, including breast engorgement and the natural stretching of the skin.

“During pregnancy the breasts engorge and the abdomen stretches with the baby. This has the net effect of stretching the skin in both areas, often creating extra or sagging skin afterwards. The underlying paired rectus abdominus muscles in the abdomen are stretched as well, creating a gap between them known as diastasis recti,” notes Dr. Parker.

And as a result of these changes, some women suffer from excess skin, stretch marks, sagging or deflated breasts and lower abdominal “pouches” that are resistant to traditional diet and exercise.

“Unfortunately, there isn’t a diet or exercise program in the world that can restore volume to the breasts or tighten up loose abdominal skin covered in stretch marks. Short of cosmetic surgery intervention, there is very little a woman can do to reverse these conditions,” says the New Jersey plastic surgeon.

Thankfully Mommy Makeovers now exist to help a woman return to her pre-pregnancy shape with less downtime than what was required in the past. That is because during a Mommy Makeover, a woman can undergo a number of procedures at once (or over a short period of time) to re-shape and tone problem areas of the body.


“New Jersey Mommy Makeovers are designed to quickly address the issues of loose skin, stubborn fat or the loss of breast volume for a total body transformation,” adds Dr. Parker. “We actually use a combination of procedures such as breast augmentation and or a breast lift, liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or lipoabdominoplasty, which is the combination of liposuction and a tummy tuck procedure”.

So what’s Dr. Parker’s suggestion to mom’s unhappy with their appearance after childbirth?

“A woman should always give traditional diet and exercise a try—and give the body some time to adjust on its own after the baby is born. But if a year, or even a few years go by with no change, chances are the body needs surgical intervention in the form of a New Jersey Mommy Makeover to tighten up and enhance some of the loose skin or stubborn fat that’s preventing it from returning to its pre-pregnancy condition.”

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