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CoolSmooth® by CoolSculpting®

The Same Non-Surgical Fat Reduction, Now Treating More Areas

It can be frustrating when a healthy diet and regular exercise routine do not reduce areas of persistent fat. That’s why CoolSculpting® has quickly become a popular fat reduction treatment for patients who aren’t quite ready for more invasive procedures. CoolSculpting’s proprietary cryolipolysis technology effectively freezes fat cells to death, allowing your body to gradually shed them over the course of about 90 days. Patients see a decrease in the size of the treated area, with results lasting with continued diet and exercise.

While CoolSculpting offers beautiful, impressive results, the system is limited to certain areas of the body that have deposits of “pinchable” fat—typically the abdomen, flanks, and hips. That’s where CoolSmooth™ comes in. CoolSmooth is a small, hand-held CoolSculpting applicator that can treat a wider selection of areas.

How CoolSmooth Works

Just like CoolSculpting, the CoolSmooth applicator works by cooling fat to a specific temperature that triggers cell death, leaving surrounding tissue, skin, and muscles unharmed. The fat cells are then safely metabolized by the body, resulting in a noticeable decrease in fat in the treated area.  While the technology is the same, the application is quite different. The CoolSmooth applicator is a flat, hand-held device that can treat harder-to-reach areas, such as the outer thighs (commonly known as the “saddlebags”).

Before & After: CoolSmooth™*

CoolSmooth New Jersey Image

Photos courtesy of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc.

Too Slim for CoolSculpting? Give CoolSmooth a Try!

Because of the flat design of the CoolSmooth handpiece, patients without much pinchable fat can still benefit from treatment. Even if you are lean, we can use CoolSmooth to smooth out stubborn bulges on your tummy, thighs, flanks, hips, and back. You’ll never use the words love-handles, muffin top, or bra rolls again.

What to Expect from CoolSmooth Treatment

CoolSmooth is noninvasive and no anesthesia or needle pricks are required. Treatment is relatively comfortable and typically takes between one to two hours depending on the areas being treated. We will settle you in a comfortable recliner in our Paramus, NJ office, where we will apply the CoolSmooth applicator to your trouble spot. During the first few minutes, you will experience a cold sensation until the area being treated begins to go numb.

Most patients are pleased with their results after just one to two treatments, and your results will be long-lasting if you maintain a stable weight. The best part: treatment involves no needles, no scars, and no downtime, so you can get back to your life right away and watch as excess fat gradually comes off over the next few months.

How much Does CoolSmooth Cost?

The price of CoolSmooth varies depending on your individual needs. During your complimentary consultation, we will listen to your concerns and discuss your options. Once a treatment plan has been agreed upon, we will give you a specific fee quote for treatment. Be sure to review our financing options to find out you’re eligible for a little extra help!

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