Rhinoplasty + Chin Augmentation = Optimal Facial Balance

Woman with a balanced facial structure (model) profile shown looking forwards.

The chin and nose are two of the most important building blocks in a well-proportioned face. If one is too weak or too prominent, it can throw the rest of your facial features out of balance. That’s why Parker Center for Plastic Surgery recommends a combined surgical approach. Keep reading to learn how enhancing your rhinoplasty with chin implant surgery can restore optimal facial harmony.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery is a nose-shaping procedure that can address both functional (breathing) issues and cosmetic concerns related to the size, contours, and projection of the nose and tip. Subtle enhancements to the nose can yield dramatic results that keep friends and family alike guessing what may have changed about you—this is the hallmark of a top plastic surgeon.

As a rhinoplasty specialist and one of only 150 members accepted into the internationally renowned Rhinoplasty Society, I am deeply committed to achieving the most natural-looking results and the safest and most aesthetically pleasing outcomes for my patients.

What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation surgery involves placing a silicone implant over the chin bone to enhance your jawline and create a more definitive separation between the chin and neck. Your implant will be custom-sized with your unique facial anatomy in mind.

As with nose surgery, the results of your chin augmentation will affect your entire appearance. You will still look like yourself—only with more defined and balanced features.

Why Should You Combine Your Rhinoplasty With Chin Augmentation?

Given the nose and chin’s central role in harmonizing the face, it only makes sense to address both areas simultaneously. The procedures are complementary and can create the most comprehensive transformation. Even better, you only need to pay one set of anesthesia and facility fees and have one recovery period.

Cheek/Chin Implants Case 892 Before & After View #4 | Paramus, New Jersey | Parker Center for Plastic Surgery
Before & After Rhinoplasty with Chin Augmentation
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Rhinoplasty Case 139 Before & After View #2 | Paramus, New Jersey | Parker Center for Plastic Surgery
Before & After Rhinoplasty with Chin Augmentation
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Rhinoplasty Case 118 Before & After View #2 | Paramus, New Jersey | Parker Center for Plastic Surgery
Before & After Rhinoplasty with Chin Augmentation
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Cheek/Chin Implants Case 120 Before & After View #2 | Paramus, New Jersey | Parker Center for Plastic Surgery
Before & After Rhinoplasty with Chin Augmentation
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Cheek/Chin Implants Case 890 Before & After View #4 | Paramus, New Jersey | Parker Center for Plastic Surgery
Before & After Rhinoplasty with Chin Augmentation
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The Ideal Candidate for a Combined Rhinoplasty Procedure

Ideal candidates for rhinoplasty have functional or cosmetic issues with their noses (whether from trauma or genetics) that may be upsetting the overall balance of the face or causing the patient’s breathing difficulties.

If they also have a weak or recessed chin and a jawline that could be enhanced with a better visual distinction between the face and neck, a combination surgery may be a better fit than booking the procedures separately.

Patients will need to be in good health, non-smokers (or willing to stop at least two weeks before surgery and throughout the recovery period), and able and willing to commit to all post-operative instructions.

While there is no upper age limit for this procedure—provided that you can safely tolerate anesthesia and are medically cleared for surgery—younger patients will need to wait until their noses have finished growing. Typically, this will be around ages 13 to 14 for girls and ages 15 to 16 for boys.

Preoperative Consultation and Planning

Your path to optimal facial harmony begins with an initial consultation. Before covering the procedures in depth, we’ll talk about your medical history and aesthetic goals and what approach will best get you the desired outcome. In addition, we will use special imaging technology to “preview” what your final results could look like.

Our goal is to give you all of the tools and resources you need to be comfortable, supported, and educated throughout the entire process.

The Surgical Procedure

Depending on your cosmetic goals, a closed or open rhinoplasty will be performed. A closed rhinoplasty has hidden incisions inside the nose that will allow a board-certified plastic surgeon such as myself to adjust the nasal bones and cartilage to give you a more flattering nasal profile.

Open rhinoplasty, meanwhile, can reshape the tip of the nose, correct a deviated septum, and make precise enhancements to the internal structure of the nose. The incision is discreetly placed in the columella, or the area of skin between the nostrils.

When it is time to operate on the chin, the surgeon will create a small ¾ inch incision beneath the chin to insert the silicone implant. I favor this extraoral approach for its predictable, safe results and inconspicuous incision placement rather than an approach that goes through the mouth.

Once the implant is in place, it adheres to the jawbone, creating a subtle, natural-looking enhancement that feels natural too.

The Recovery Process

By combining procedures, you only have to take time off work or school for one recovery period (usually 7 to 10 days before patients feel ready to be seen in public). Our Rapid Recovery Program accelerates healing for enhanced postoperative comfort and minimal physical and social downtime.

Part of our recovery protocol is a series of lymphatic drainage massages to reduce swelling, promote healing, and enhance circulation (not only improving blood flow but moving toxins away from the surgical site). Our patients love these gentle, effective massages and immediately feel the difference.

Get Started

Combining your rhinoplasty surgery with chin implants provides many benefits, including a more balanced, proportional face, greater jawline definition, and enhanced self-confidence.

By subtly improving the overall harmony of the face, we can achieve a holistic transformation that celebrates your unique facial features without looking “done.” See the results for yourself in our before-and-after galleries featuring rhinoplasty and chin implant patients.

Please request a consultation or call us at (201) 967-1212 to learn more about how rhinoplasty and chin augmentation can help you.

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