Plastic Surgeon Offers New Non-Surgical Treatment for Capsular Contracture

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Whenever a foreign object is implanted into the body, whether it is an artificial hip joint or a breast implant, the body forms a biological lining around it called a capsule. This is a normal phenomenon, but if the capsule tightens and thickens, it can compress and distort a soft object like a breast implant. This abnormal phenomenon is called “capsular contracture;” it occurs in approximately 10% of breast augmentation surgeries performed today. In some patients, this occurs to a mild degree where the capsule and implant are minimally firm with no visible distortion. It may stay this way or progress to the point where the capsule and implant significantly harden, causing distortion of the implant and pain to the patient.

The cause of capsular contracture is thought by plastic surgery researchers to be multifactorial. In performing breast augmentations, Dr. Paul M. Parker of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery employs a number of state of the art techniques, such as using the Keller Funnel for implant insertion, to minimize the risk of capsular contracture to his patients. Despite this, Dr. Parker reports that approximately 5 % of his patients sustain capsular contracture. Historically, capsular contractures have been treated by breast revision surgery whereby the capsule is removed and the implant re inserted. This requires an additional surgery and recovery. The recurrence rates after this procedure have been reported up to 50%.


Frustrated by the problem of capsular contracture and the need for revisional surgery, Dr. Parker learned about the Aspen Rehabilitation Ultrasound Treatment. The Aspen Ultrasound System uses a combination of therapeutic ultrasound and massage sessions to reduce capsular contracture. Instead of the traditional ultrasound wand, the Aspen ultrasound device uses a uniquely designed paddle system that covers the entire breast and provides deeper penetration of the ultrasonic energy. The energy softens the capsule and is followed by a special massage technique to help soften the capsule further. The Aspen ultrasound system has been uniquely designed by a physical therapist in Florida with an interest in capsular contracture. Over several years developing the Aspen Ultrasound System, his experience is that it is approximately 80% effective in significantly improving capsular contractures. The Aspen Ultrasound System is different from diagnostic ultrasound or the ultrasound used in ultrasonic assisted liposuction. This system has been shown to be safe in treating patients with capsular contracture.

By offering the Aspen Rehabilitation System to patients, Dr. Parker believes he and his team are offering them an excellent, non-surgical solution to capsular contracture. The Parker Center is the only plastic surgery practice in the northeast trained and authorized to treat capsular contracture with the new Aspen Rehabilitation Ultrasound Treatment. Dr. Parker’s commitment in seeking the best treatments for his patients, including new technologies and methods, has prompted many of the Parker Center’s patients to say “these are the most caring, committed and professional people I have ever encountered”.

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“I’m always looking to increase my knowledge and skills with new technology and surgical advances. In addition to supplemental training, and learning about new methods, I believe it’s my responsibility to offer my patients the highest level of care, no matter what issue they present. The Aspen Rehabilitation System for capsular contraction is proving to be a successful, painless, and non-invasive treatment that can bring relief to women who have developed capsular contracture,” Dr. Parker stated.

“For the first time since my breast augmentation surgery, I have soft, natural looking breasts. The discomfort I have been living with is gone. I’m grateful that Dr. Parker is so innovative and always looking for new ways to help women,” said Kathy, a patient with capsular contracture of her left breast.

Every day Dr. Paul M. Parker and the staff at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery strive to provide their patients with the safest, state of the art surgical facility and procedures. To learn more about the Aspen Ultrasound System Treatment, the Keller Funnel® or any other plastic surgery procedure visit our website at To make an appointment for a consultation, please call our office at (201) 967-1212.

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