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Nonsurgical Capsular Contracture Treatment: the Aspen Ultrasound System

The Parker Center is the only provider in our New Jersey region trained and licensed to use the revolutionary non-surgical Aspen Ultrasound System for the treatment of capsular contracture.

What is Capsular Contracture?

After breast augmentation surgery, the body naturally forms a lining or “capsule” around the breast implant, which the body correctly identifies as a foreign substance. A small percentage of augmentation patients develop capsular contracture, in which this naturally-occurring lining unexpectedly hardens, creates pain, causes breast firmness, and distorts the shape and position of the breast implant. No single cause has been identified for the development of capsular contracture.

What is the Aspen Ultrasound System Treatment?

Traditionally, plastic surgeons have had to resort to a surgical revision to treat capsular contracture. At The Parker Center, we offer the Aspen Ultrasound System Treatment, a new, noninvasive approach to treating this unpleasant condition. The treatment we offer has many benefits:

  • It has none of the risks of surgery.
  • It is far less expensive than surgery.
  • It has no lengthy recovery time as does surgery.
  • It is painless.

Developed by a physical therapist, treatment consists of sound wave therapy (ultrasound) in combination with targeted massage. The treatment differs from the normal diagnostic use of ultrasound, as it features a specialized paddle device that provides for more effective penetration of ultrasound energy. If a revision surgery should eventually be necessary, the Aspen Ultrasound System can serve as post-surgical therapy to reduce the recurrence of capsular contracture.

Before & After: Aspen Ultrasound Treatment*

before nonsurgical treatment for capsular contracture
after nonsurgical treatment for capsular contracture

The top photo shows the New Jersey capsular contracture patient before treatment, with capsular contracture affecting the left breast. The bottom photos was taken after Aspen Ultrasound treatment.

Dr. Parker is committed to continually seeking the best treatments for his patients. Dr. Parker offers the Aspen Ultrasound System because he believes it is an excellent non-surgical approach to resolving capsular contracture, as the system has improved the condition in most of our patients who have undergone the treatment.

If you believe you are suffering from capsular contracture, contact the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery to learn more about the Aspen Ultrasound System Treatment.