Minor Rhinoplasty Procedure Gives Patient, George, Breathing Relief

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George is a twenty year old college student who recently consulted New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker, of the Parker Center about a bump on his nose.  George had broken his nose as a young teen playing soccer and the injury left him with a noticeable bump.

Closed rhinoplasty uses incisions that are hidden on the inside of the nostrils and corrects relatively minor shape problems like George’s bump.  Dr. Parker felt this procedure would be quick and simple way of correcting the problem.

“It was a quick decision to have the surgery.  I went in for a consult on a different procedure and mentioned my nose.  Dr. Parker felt it would be a simple thing to fix and even showed me on the computer how my nose would like after surgery.  It looked great and I decided to have it done too,” George stated.Rhinoplasty for Men Photo

George was a little nervous about his male rhinoplasty procedure but after speaking with Angela and Dr. Parker prior to the surgery, he relaxed and felt ready to go ahead.  His mother, who accompanied him to the appointment, also fell in love with the Parker Center and approved of her son’s decision.

“I’m kind of a nervous guy, so this was a big deal to me.  I felt like Dr. Parker and Angela kind of eased me into it, really made sure I felt okay about the surgery,  they made it an easy process,” explained George.

The Parker Center utilizes a unique set of protocols designed to get patients back to their normal activities as soon as possible know as the Rapid Recovery Program.  The program helps to reduce swelling and bruising by using medications, supplement and lymphatic massage.  Most patients feel that it was a key factor in the ease of their recovery.
Rhinoplasty for Men Photo
Even though George lives 2 ½ hours from the Parker Center, he followed the recovery instructions carefully and made the trips back for the lymphatic massages.   As a naturally speedy healer combined with the Rapid Recovery Program, George was lucky enough that after one week he had virtually no bruising or swelling.

“Right after I took the bandages off, about 7 days post-op, I went out with a bunch of my friends.  I had no swelling or bruising, no one noticed a thing, which was just what I wanted,” said George.

George had the male rhinoplasty surgery because the bump in his nose bothered him aesthetically.  However since the surgery, he’s noticed that both his breathing and his sleeping have improved and he no longer snores.

“I never though I had a breathing problem before the surgery but now I can feel I’m breathing better.  I’m extremely happy I had this done.  My nose, I never expected it to look this good.  It looks vey natural.  My parents are extremely pleased and my mom is even considering going back to Dr. Parker for herself,” George stated.

If you’re interested in learning more about male rhinoplasty new jersey or any other plastic surgery procedure, please visit our website at www.parkercenter.net or call us at 201-967-1212 for a consultation.

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