At the Parker Center In New Jersey, Mommy Makeover is a Newly Customized Procedure

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

While a woman’s body is built to bear children, the abdomial area including the rectus abdomius muscles, or “abs”, as they’re frequently called are stretched to extremes. The breasts also grow to prepare for breast-feeding and body holds more fat in order to stay properly fueled. As a result, the 9 month miracle can result in flabby skin, sagging breasts and stubborn fat pockets.

Whether its an older mom who wants to feel more youthful or a young mom who wants to have her body match her age again, a mommy makeover can help them achieve their goals.

Dr. Parker understands that each mom will have different concerns. “Each mommy makeover procedure is relevant to the individual patient’s desires and anatomy,” he says. “Often times, there is one main issue, say sagging breasts, that brings them in. But, during our consultation, I have them show me in a mirror what they don’t like and then we plan together a treatment that they will be happy with.”

For women in New Jersey, lipoabdominoplasty and breast augmentation are the most common procedures in a mommy makeover. However, each process is very different. While one mom may want implants and a lift, another may actually need a reduction and a lift. It isn’t always necessary to perform a full tummy tuck where a mini-lipoabdominoplasty will suffice. Thigh and buttocks lifts are sometimes added whereas liposuction of the area may be all that is necessary.

However, there is one thing that remains constant when a patient comes in for a New Jersey mommy makeover at The Parker Center: patient safety, natural results and a rapid recover from surgery.

“In recent years we’ve been able to combine several procedures into one surgery,” says Dr. Parker. “The reason for this is our commitment to safety and our finely-tuned staff of registered nurses and board certified anesthesiologists.”

For those patients that are leary of the multiple procedures and following pain, Dr. Parker offers his unique rapid recovery program that gets moms back to their normal daily activities within several days. He follows a pre and post-operative program that minimizes the risk of pain and complications. It is the reason New Jersey mommy makeover patients can get a moving the day after surgery.

“For any of our patients who are unsure about the process, we encourage them to talk to others who have been through it,” says Dr. Parker. “In fact, we have many former patients who are gracious enough to share their experiences with anyone who has questions. While we do everything we can to educate and make our patients feel comfortable, sometimes it helps to talk to another mom who has previously walked this same path.”

As a premier New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker is dedicated to providing natural results in the safest manner possible. The Parker Center’s on site state-of-the-art Surgiplex, LLC ambulatory surgical facility is accredited and certified by Medicare, JCAHO and AAAASF—the highest level of credentialing possible. Their facility is designed for overnight patient stays following lengthy procedures, such as mommy makeover procedures. The Parker Center’s highly trained team of registered nurse provides one to one patient monitoring following these surgeries. Several days following their surgery, patients are scheduled for the first of three Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatments in the Parker Center’s onsite medi-spa, known as Beaura Spa. These treatments contribute to the Rapid Recovery program at the Parker Center, which allows patients to comfortably return to the activities of daily living within several days after their procedure.

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