Monthly Archives: October 2011

Coming Soon…. At The Parker Center for Plastic Surgery!

Cellular therapy is the future of regenerative medicine.  By storing your own stem cells, New Jersey plastic surgeon, Paul M. Parker MD, intends to “halt aging.”  The cells that are stored cryogenically withstand aging, so they can be used to maintain and to repair tissue optimally. This is another opportunity for you to preserve your …

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Chin Implants Create Symmetry and Beauty

The surgical insertion of a chin implant is a relatively minor cosmetic procedure that can help men and women with weak chins achieve a more attractive profile and better facial balance.  Today’s chin implants are made of solid silicone with an anatomic shape. They come in several sizes to adapt to the individual patient’s anatomy. …

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Northern New Jersey Skin Cancer Patient Patricia Thrilled with Reconstruction & Cosmetic Surgery Results

Pat is a married, 50 year-old mom of two teenagers who works from home.  Over the past few years Pat has required skin cancer treatment several times.  Because of her history, Pat sees a dermatologist every 3-6 months for a full body check.  Pat came to the Parker Center at the recommendation of her dermatologist. …

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