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Cellular therapy is the future of regenerative medicine.  By storing your own stem cells, New Jersey plastic surgeon, Paul M. Parker MD, intends to “halt aging.”  The cells that are stored cryogenically withstand aging, so they can be used to maintain and to repair tissue optimally. This is another opportunity for you to preserve your youthful glow.

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“Adult Stem Cells are found throughout the body that serve as the maintenance and repair system of all tissues and organs. Like all cells, Adult Stem Cells are comprised of chromosomes and sequences of DNA. At the ends of a chromosome are protective end caps called telomeres, which prevent deterioration of DNA. Every day that we grow older, cells divide and the telomere end caps diminish making our DNA susceptible to damage and mutation. The link between telomere length and cellular damage reminds us of the cellular age limits of each of our cells. Every day that we age is a day that cannot be reversed. However, through cryogenic storage, we can “halt aging” and ensure that the selected cells stay in their pristine state until needed.

As we age, our cells are subject to oxidative stress from external and internal factors, which amount to accumulated cellular toxicity. Our bodies have a limited number of stem cells.

Over time they lose their potential to differentiate — the potential to change into the different cell types that regenerate our organs and tissues. Increased cellular damage not only reduces regenerative potential, it also puts the stem cells into a state of premature senescence, meaning they no longer divide. The effect of this damage is two fold. First, damaged Adult Stem Cells cannot properly maintain the tissues in which they reside.

Second, if these damaged cells were extracted and used for therapy, the cells would not perform as optimally as younger, undamaged cells would.

In the event that you become ill and cannot use your own cells, not having a stored cellular resource would require finding a donor transplant. Finding a transplant may prove to be time consuming and expensive. If one is successful in finding a donor there still may be complications due to cellular rejection because the tissue is not an identical DNA match.

Put your mind at ease knowing that you have a personal cellular resource available for the emerging therapies of the future — a resource that is your own and has no risk of cellular rejection. Cellular therapy is the future of Regenerative Medicine; your stored cells will enable you to take advantage of all the developments taking place today.”

If this is something that may interest you, please call our office at (201) 785-7494 to get on the waiting list.  Ask for Janet Franceschi, Office Manager.

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