Patients of the Month for October 2011 – Chin Implants for Men and Women

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

This month we are featuring two patients, a female and male – each of whom had chin augmentation to achieve better facial harmony.

Chin augmentation is a brief surgical procedure which consists of inserting a shaped solid silicone implant onto the jawbone (mandible) to build out a weak chin. It is performed as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other facial procedures such as rhinoplasty, liposuction of the neck or a facelift/necklift.

This month’s featured patients are excellent examples of the similarities and differences in chin augmentation based on gender. Slight overcorrection of the chin in men is acceptable and makes them look stronger. In contrast, women’s lower faces are generally narrower. Women also tend to have more slender jawbones than men. Therefore, for females slight undercorrection of the chin is more appropriate. This achieves better facial balance while ensuring a feminine appearance.

Featured Female Chin Implant Patient – Chin Augmentation Alone

Our 34-year-old female chin implant patient requested correction of her weak chin. A silastic anatomic chin implant was inserted by Dr. Parker through a small submental incision. Postoperatively, the patient was very happy with her improved facial appearance.

Featured Male Chin Implant Patient – Chin Augmentation with Rhinoplasty

Our male patient had a rhinoplasty to reshape his nose and chin augmentation at the same time to improve upon the nose/chin relationship.

This 41 year old, who came to Dr. Parker by word of mouth, asked to have his nose made to appear smaller. During the patient’s initial consultation, Dr. Parker recommended an open rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. At surgery, Dr. Parker performed an open rhinoplasty which included dorsal hump reduction. Dr. Parker also sculpted a better proportioned and shaped nasal tip, and inserted an extended anatomic chin implant. Following surgery, the patient healed quickly with the help of our Rapid Recovery program. He loves the improved aesthetics of his nose and chin.

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