Chin Implants Create Symmetry and Beauty

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

The surgical insertion of a chin implant is a relatively minor cosmetic procedure that can help men and women with weak chins achieve a more attractive profile and better facial balance.  Today’s chin implants are made of solid silicone with an anatomic shape. They come in several sizes to adapt to the individual patient’s anatomy.

Depending on an individual’s desires, a chin augmentation procedure can be done alone or in conjunction with other facial procedures.  Most commonly, a chin augmentation is performed at the same time as a rhinoplasty, or nasal re shaping, sometimes referred to as a “nose job”.  A weak chin can frequently make the nose appear larger than the patient would like. A weak chin can also make the neck area look fleshy and prominent.  By increasing chin size, in addition to correcting the other areas of concern, better facial balance can be obtained.

During the patient’s initial consultation with Dr. Parker, computer imaging is performed on the patient’s chin as well as any other bothersome areas such as the nose, face and neck. The patient’s photographs are “imaged” by Dr. Parker’s expert professional photographer to show the patient how these surgical changes to their face should look. This has been a very educational tool for patients to “preview” their postoperative appearance and help them decide about moving forward with surgery.

By inserting a chin implant a large nose will appear smaller, creating better balance with the face.  This creates a more natural look than rhinoplasty alone. Similarly, insertion of a chin implant at the time of liposuction to the neck or a neck lift will result in a stronger chin and more contoured neck. Insertion of a chin implant at the time of a facelift procedure will help create not only a stronger chin, but better contoured jaw line.

In most individuals, chin augmentation should be relatively straight-forward procedure with a quick and relatively painless recovery. It should be performed by an experienced surgeon with good aesthetic judgment to select the correct sized implant for optimal harmony of the patient’s face as well as precise skills to insert and secure the implant properly and atraumatically.

Patients undergoing chin augmentation at the Parker Center are administered intravenous sedation by our board certified anesthesiologist.  Our patients are completely comfortable and do not experience any pain during the procedure. A  ¾” incision is made under the chin by Dr. Parker and the chin implant inserted. The incision is closed with several layers of sutures.  Chin augmentation usually takes Dr. Parker about 30 minutes to perform.

Skin sutures on the underside of the chin are removed within five days of surgery. The incision typically becomes imperceptible after healing.  Most patient’s say that the swelling and bruising from the procedure subsides within several days and that they returned to normal activities within one week. The implant quickly adheres to the jawbone, making it look and feel like a real chin.

All surgical procedures are performed in the Parker Center’s fully accredited, on site, state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical center, Surgiplex, LLC.  Patients appreciate its design with safety in mind and its warm, comfortable atmosphere.

The Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery Program is a unique medical protocol that speeds postoperative recovery, lessens discomfort and allows our patients to get back to their busy lives as quickly as possible. The program includes several pre and postoperative medications as well as a series of three postoperative manual lymphatic drainage massages. These specifically reduce swelling, bruising and pain.

Patients have had a high rate of satisfaction after chin augmentation. They remark that the procedure and recovery have been relatively quick and easy. Their stronger, better balanced chin usually provides them with an enhanced body image, self esteem and renewed sense of self confidence.

For more information on chin augmentation, please visit our website  For a consultation on chin augmentation or any other New Jersey plastic surgery procedure please call our office at 201-967-1212.

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