Breast Implant Revision New Jersey

Over two million women have breast implants, and the overall satisfaction rate among augmentation patients is very high. However, complications can occur. Scientific studies have shown no correlation between implants and breast cancer, autoimmune disorders or systemic illness; however, due to a number of factors, results of breast augmentation vary and a percentage of women are unsatisfied with their initial outcome.

Breast Implant Revision & Replacement with Dr. Parker

In Dr. Parker’s experience, once women become accustomed to having breast implants, they are usually reluctant to have them permanently removed. They may, however, decide to have them removed and replaced with new implants because they are dissatisfied with the results of their augmentation or have suffered a complication with their implants. The exact procedure Dr. Parker uses for breast implant removal and replacement varies depending on the reason you need or want to have your breast implants revised.

Getting it Right with Personalized Shaping, Sizing & Computer Imaging

During your consultation, Dr. Parker will discuss your options for implant removal and replacement with you. These include the type of implant to be used, implant location above or below the pectoralis major muscle, the size of the implants, and whether any type of breast lift is necessary.

You will also receive the same thorough sizing & shaping session that we offer our first-time breast augmentation patients. This includes the chance to try on sizers (if you are choosing to go larger) and 3D computer imaging to simulate your corrected breast shape and size.

Other doctors and patients frequently refer breast implant revision patients to New Jersey Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Parker, as he has extensive experience in breast surgery. In addition, the Parker Center is the only provider in our region trained and licensed to use the revolutionary Aspen Ultrasound System for non-surgical treatment of capsular contracture.

The Surgery

Breast implant revision procedures are usually performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, monitored by one of our board-certified anesthesiologists. The original incision used to insert the implant is almost always the same one used to remove & replace it. All incisions are closed with dissolving sutures. Surgery times range from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the amount of scar tissue surrounding the implant and whether or not a breast lift procedure is necessary.


New Jersey breast implant revision patients are usually discharged after one hour of observation. Postoperative pain is usually not significant because of our Rapid Recovery pain management protocol. Patients may shower the day after surgery and resume the activities of daily living within several days, including a return to most jobs. Aerobic exercise that does not involve the chest can be started 10 days after surgery. All other activities can usually begin 3 weeks after surgery.