Top 10 Post-Op Gifts for Plastic Surgery Patients

shutterstock_222870253Cosmetic surgery is cause for celebration and can be the perfect opportunity to offer a little extra love and support to a friend or family member. Giving a gift that will make their recovery more comfortable or highlight their results is a wonderful way to show your wholehearted support of their choice.

Need some ideas? Here’s our list of top gift ideas for plastic surgery patients:

Let Her Splurge on Her New Curves: Lingerie Store Gift Card
One of the most common questions we hear from our breast surgery patients is, “When can I go bra shopping?” Finding lingerie that fits and flatters is one thing that she’ll be looking forward to after surgery, and an all-expenses paid trip to the lingerie boutique is one of the best presents you can give a breast enhancement patient. For bonus points, choose a store that offers professional bra fittings.

Help Them Play Hooky from Housework: Personalized Housekeeping “Coupons”
When recovering from surgery, scrubbing dishes is one of the last things a patient should be doing. Create some colorful coupons your loved one can “redeem” for your help with their least favorite chores. Another option is to gift a few weeks of professional housekeeping services and spend that time catching up over coffee.

See Her Sparkle & Smile: Jewelry
Who doesn’t love a beautiful pair of earrings or stunning pendant? A classic gift for a loved one, jewelry can be extra meaningful for the facelift or eyelid surgery patient who feels confident drawing attention to her face or décolletage, perhaps for the first time in years.

Prep for Great R&R: A Cute Pair of Pajamas
Let your loved one come home to a cozy new pair of pajamas to slip into after his or her procedure. Our insider tip: choose a pair with a top that opens to the front so they’re easy to put on without straining incision sites.

Provide Some Much-Needed “Back-Up”: Telescopic Back Scratcher
You know how awkward it is to reach around and get that persistent itch on your back—imagine trying to do it fresh out of surgery! Certain procedures require a patient to limit reaching or bending during the initial recovery, making the awkward impossible. An extendable back scratcher, such as the Bear Claw, can save the day.

Make Recovery More Comfortable: Reading Pillow.
A sturdy reading pillow allows a patient to relax while lying down and elevating the head. Since most procedures require a patient to sleep on his or her back for a few weeks after surgery, having a three-sided pillow will make things much more comfortable.

…Or Make Recovery More Entertaining: Movies, Books, & Music.
Even just a few days of downtime can make a typically active patient a little stir crazy. Make mandatory couch-potato time more fun with a DVD box set or gift card to Amazon for some ebook downloads.

Help Scars Fade Faster: Scar Minimizing Cream
While a skilled plastic surgeon will take care to make scars as inconspicuous as possible, including a medical-grade scar minimizing cream can help scars fade even faster. One of our favorites is Obagi Dermatix Ultra, a silicone gel suitable for all skin types. To ensure you give a product that is safe for surgical scars, it’s best to talk to an experienced skincare professional before making your selection.

Plan a Big Night in the City: Theater Tickets
Gift a set of theater tickets for a show taking place a month or two after your friend’s procedure—this gives her time to recover and allows her results to settle. She’ll look forward to getting glammed up for a night on the town to show off her new look.

Send Them to the Spa: Parker Center Medi Spa Gift Card
You can never go wrong with a Parker Center Medi Spa Gift Card, which lets your friend choose how to be pampered after surgery. As an added bonus, facials, peels, and laser treatments can put the finishing touches on a youthful new look. As for a relaxing massage, no one needs an excuse for that!

We hope this list will be helpful as you support your loved one through their cosmetic surgery experience. If you need help deciding on a skincare product or have any questions about post-op gifts, give us a call! Our staff at the Parker Center will be happy to help you choose a present that will be safe and useful for the patient on your list.

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