New Jersey Plastic Surgery News: The Parker Center Offers a Twist on the Old Tummy Tuck with Extraordinary Results

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

In 2007, New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker introduced a new tummy tuck technique called lipoabdominoplasty to his patients. At a conference in Florida several weeks earlier, one plastic surgeon from Brazil and one from France demonstrated their variations of this innovative technique. Dr. Parker combined what he liked from each technique to create his version of lipoabdominoplasty New Jersey and ran with the idea.


“It answered things that we weren’t doing with traditional tummy tucks,” he says. He then points out what makes this procedure better than the traditional New Jersey tummy tuck and his own enhancements to the original technique.

Just prior to the tuck, extensive liposuction is performed to create a flatter smoother abdominal area. This is an important distinction from the traditional tummy tuck where very little liposuction is done. The aggressive liposuction performed by Dr. Parker makes the abdomen look better. In addition, the lymphatics are left intact in the fatty tissue at either end of the incision which runs just above the pubic bone. The lymph system is responsible for moving fluid away from the site. By maintaining the integrity of these lymphatics, Dr. Parker says it “helps promote post-op drainage so the patient swells less and heals quicker.”

One of the improvements Dr. Parker made to the original lipoabdominoplasty technique was to utilize the

VASER ultrasonic liposuction method. The emulsification of fat provided by the VASER system means fat can be atraumatically suctioned around the lymphatics. Not only does this keep the lymphatics intact and avoids damage to blood vessels, but it produces less swelling and bruising with a quicker recovery.

Another difference between the traditional and Dr. Parker’s technique is the use of powerful barbed Quill sutures to tighten the lax rectus abdominus muscles. These sutures are hidden beneath the skin and run from the breast bone to the pubic bone creating a youthful appearance and strong structural support for the rejuvenated abdomen. After removing excess skin between the pubic bone and umbilicus, Dr. Parker again uses the Quill suture to close the lower abdominal transverse incision with little tension. This allows the incision to be kept as short as possible and most often heal as an inconspicuous scar.


“Because of the liposuction and preservation of the lymphatics, we have a heartier skin flap which virtually eliminates any wound-healing problems and brings about a quicker recovery,” he says. “Likewise, because we alleviate the tension with these Quill sutures, it also reduces healing problems during recovery.”

All around, this procedure is by far a better version of the traditional tummy tuck. When lipoabdominoplasty New Jersey is performed in Dr. Parker’s state-of-the-art fully accredited Surgiplex, LLC, the enhanced technique combined with his stringent safety precautions ensures a natural appearing, rejuvenated torso and rapid recovery from surgery.

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