Repeat New Jersey Plastic Surgery Patient Says The Parker Center is the Only Place for Her!

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

New Jersey plastic surgery procedures when she came to see us in May 2009 for a liposuction consultation. She had lipo of the abdomen 15 years ago with a different surgeon which explains some of her apprehension before her first procedure at The Parker Center.

“I was in agony after my first liposuction of the abdomen,” she says. “And I think I had one post-op follow-up and never saw my surgeon again.”

When asked how her experience 15 years ago compared with her experience with Dr. Parker, she says, “It was completely different. I never even filled my pain medication prescription.”

When she was looking for a new surgeon for liposuction in New Jersey, she did her homework. She had heard of Dr. Parker through the doctor’s office where she works and had heard good things about him. Once she Googled him, she was “sold just by looking at his Website.”

She credits the before and after pictures and the description of his unique Rapid Recovery Program as major deciding factors. Then, when she met him, saw the facility and met the rest of his medical team, there was no question she was going to let him contour her hips.

Fast forward nearly a year and Brenda is back in Dr. Parker’s office for liposuction on her abdomen and for a New Jersey breast augmentation. There was a little more trepidation about this procedure because it would be two procedures at the same time.

“Everyone totally took care of me,” she says. “The OR nurse was especially comforting. She had the best bedside manner, telling me I was doing great and just talking to me to relax me. Of course, the recovery nurse was phenomenal too. I just can’t say enough about the medical team and Dr. Parker!”

Brenda couldn’t be happier with her results. She says that her new breasts are natural-looking and exactly what she wanted. And, her recovery was fantastic. Several of her friends that she has shared her experience with are already planning consultations with Dr. Parker for their own procedures.

“I wish I could think of something else I want to have done,” she says. “You can be sure that if I do, I am running to The Parker Center!”

If you want more information about liposuction, breast augmentation or any other procedure at The Parker Center, visit our Website at or call (201) 967-1212 for a consultation.

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