Patient of the Month for July 2012 – Inverted Nipple Correction

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

This month we are presenting a patient who had inverted (retracted) nipples, a condition caused by shortened milk ducts. This condition is usually present at birth and the nipples remain that way over time. A recent study found that approximately 3 % of all women have inverted nipples and that when it occurs, the condition affects both nipples 87% of the time. Non-surgical treatments can be help women with breast feeding, but these methods do not get the nipple to stay in a normal position permanently.

Women with inverted nipples may be embarrassed by the unusual appearance of their breasts and avoid intimacy. Thankfully, suffering with the condition is not necessary as inverted nipples can be permanently corrected with a short surgical procedure. While the operation is not extensive, it is still important to choose a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in the procedure.

Dr. Parker has performed this procedure for many patients wishing to correct the appearance of their nipples. Under local anesthesia, Dr. Parker makes a tiny incision at the base of the nipple and then releases the constricted ducts, allowing the nipple to move into a normal, everted position. The incision is closed with a dissolving suture and the scars are typically invisible after healing is complete. The procedure takes about 20 minutes per nipple. Recovery is usually quick and easy.

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