New Jersey Nipple Correction Surgery Makes Missy Confident and Happy

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Breast AugmentationMissy is a 20-year old full time college student who has always been embarrassed and self-conscious about her inverted nipples.  She has always had them, and last year her mom arranged for her to have plastic surgery to correct them.

“My mom found this doctor, and although he said he could fix them, the procedure didn’t work.  The condition was slightly improved, but not fixed at all, and he was so rude about it,” said Missy.

The condition of inverted nipples is common and occurs in an estimated 10% of the female population.  Instead of the nipples protruding (normal), the nipples are retracted into the body.  Doctors categorize this condition by three grades of severity: grade I being very minor; grade II, the nipples protrude somewhat with stimulation; and grade III, the nipples do not come out at all.

Undeterred by her past experience, Missy kept researching on the internet and found the Parker Center’s website.  Missy was impressed with the photos and saw that other women with her problem had achieved the results she wanted.

Missy booked an appointment for her consultation and was very impressed with the office, staff, and Dr. Parker.  She felt comfortable right away and was reassured that Dr. Parker could help her with her problem given his experience as a plastic surgeon.

Inverted Nipple Correction New Jersey Before and After“Dr. Parker was so nice and really informative.  It was a completely different procedure that he explained he would do.  I was really confident that he could fix this problem for me.  My mom even said that she wished we had found him first,” explained Missy.

Missy had her procedure completed in May after her spring semester finals.  She was anxious and determined not to go through another summer with this problem because she felt very self-conscious around her boyfriend and changing around other girls. She felt eager to retry cosmetic surgery. New Jersey surgeon, Dr. Parker, made her confident that her procedure would be a success.

Shortened milk ducts in the breasts cause inverted nipples. To correct this, the ducts are released allowing the nipple to protrude normally.  Usually it is a very minimally invasive outpatient procedure.  After the surgery, Missy wore a type of splint on her nipples for a few days and then wore breast shields in her bra for a week.

Missy is thrilled with the results of her surgery and is so happy that she didn’t give up after the first cosmetic surgery. Dr. Parker has helped her feel so much better about herself. Missy thought everyone at the Parker Center was friendly, helpful and went out of their way to make her comfortable.

Although inverted nipples are not a health problem, they do cause embarrassment and make young women and girls self-conscious.  The correction procedure is a simple procedure done under local anesthetic and generally takes 20-30 minutes.

“I’m so glad that I had this done.  It’s been fixed; I never have to think about it again. I’m so much happier and more comfortable with my body.  When I change my clothes now, I don’t even think about it. Dr. Parker and everyone there really knows what they’re doing,” Missy said.

If you are interested in nipple correction surgery or any other plastic surgery procedure, call the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery at 201-967-1212, to make an appointment for a consultation.  To see before and after photos and read testimonials of actual patients, visit our website

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