Northern New Jersey Cosmetic Surgery Patient Loves her New Lip Implants

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Patty is a 60 year old working woman who had begun to develop fine lines around her mouth and lips.  She had considered facial injections to plump up the area, but really didn’t like the idea and having to do it over and over again.

“My upper lip had definitely gotten finer and the lines around my mouth really bothered me.  I couldn’t go out without lip liner and lipstick on.  I looked dead without it,” explained Patty.

A friend who had lip enhancement surgery recommended that she consider implants over injections.  She was impressed with how her friend’s lips looked and really liked the idea that one 20 minute procedure under local anesthesia would give her long lasting improvement.

Since Patty knows Dr. Parker professionally and he performed her friend’s procedure, she talked with him about various options.  Dr. Parker explained to her that this new type of implant is soft in texture and gives a natural look. He had Patty hold and feel the implants as part of her education. Additionally, she was able to see pictures of other patients and what they looked like before and after lip augmentation.

Northern New Jersey Lip Enhancement IMAGEDr. Parker, of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, uses the new Perma Facial Implant that is a soft, solid piece of silicone which comes in three different sizes.  The implant is FDA approved and gives patients a natural looking lip contour.  As one soft, solid piece it cannot rupture or deflate. It also does not fade away over time the way injectables do.

“I’m not super brave, but I had the procedure done with just Novocain.  Anybody could get this done.  Dr. Parker and Angela were great.  Angela came and held my hand and everything went very smoothly,” said Patty.

Patty took one painkiller as the local anesthesia wore off, but after that she was fine and back at work the following day.  Her mouth still felt a little numb like she had been to the dentist but that feeling wore off after about 36 hours.

Lip implants work out to be less expensive than injectable lip fillers.  Although the initial cost of the surgery is more, it is approximately equal to a year’s worth of lip injections.  By year two you’re not only saving yourself money, but the time involved in appointments and the discomfort of the injections.

“I love how my lips look now.  It’s not too much like some people fear; I don’t look like a Beverly Hills housewife.  People who know I’ve had it done say it’s taken 10 years off my appearance.  I can go out with just a little lip gloss now, how great is that?” stated Patty.

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