Northern New Jersey Cosmetic Surgery Patient Abby Thrilled with New Lip Enhancement

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Abby is a 40-something professional woman with a family who never left her house without lipstick.  She had thought about doing something to augment her lips like injections but never really liked the way it looked.

“My upper lip was so thin, without lipstick, it was invisible.  But I never liked the puffed-up look that injections give people.  It almost looks too plump, like you have a fat lip,” explained Abby.

Recently, an acquaintance of Abby’s mentioned that she had had her lips augmented with an implant in Northern New Jersey. Cosmetic Surgery from Dr. Parker had Abby so impressed with the look and feel of her friend’s lips.  Abby loved the natural look and thought the idea of an implant that could be inserted once was worth investigating.

Abby knew Dr. Parker professionally and approached him about lip implants.  Dr. Parker explained that this new type of lip implants that have a much softer texture and natural look to them.

“The idea that I could have a natural looking lip implant and not have to re-inflate my lips every few months with injections was very appealing to me.  With injections you’re constantly re-inflating your lips, how can that look natural?” Abby thought.

Dr. Parker of the Parker Center uses the new Perma Facial Implant that is a soft, solid piece of silicone that comes in a variety of sizes.  This facial implant is FDA approved and produces a natural looking lip contour. As one soft, solid piece it cannot rupture or deflate.

The lip implant surgery was performed on a Friday and Abby was back at work that Monday.  She felt mild some discomfort and swelling during the first 36 hours or so but felt very confident going back to work.

“After the first few days, they felt like my own.  When I went back to work I thought I’d be swollen and everyone would notice but I wasn’t.  I looked great,” said Abby.

Lip implants work out to be less expensive than injectables.  Although the initial cost of surgery is more, it is almost equal to a year’s worth of injectables.  By the second year and beyond you’re saving money.  Injections must be done every few months and expense is not the only concern.  Injectables are also time consuming and uncomfortable.

“This implant gives me a beautiful, natural looking lip.  It doesn’t look puffy or fat at all to me.  Best of all, my husband cannot feel the implant when he’s kissing me.  Now I go out without any lipstick on!” exclaimed Abby.

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