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Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul M. Parker Offers New Non-Surgical Treatment for Capsular Contraction

Dr. Paul M. Parker of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, Paramus NJ is the only surgeon in the Northeastern U.S. trained and authorized to treat patients with capsular contraction from breast augmentation with the Aspen Rehabilitation Treatment.

Paramus, NJ (PRWEB) July 17, 2012 — Capsular contracture is a condition that occurs in approximately 5-10% of breast augmentation patients. When a breast implant is inserted, the patient’s body responds by forming a lining around the implant, called a “capsule”. This is a normal response. In certain patients, that lining can harden and constrict the implant. When this occurs, it is referred to as “capsular contracture”. In the most severe cases, the constricted capsule around the implant can become painful, and distort the appearance of the implant causing it to be misshapen. The cause of capsular contraction is thought to be multifactorial and not caused by a single factor. Plastic surgery researchers are actively engaged in trying to understand the causes in greater detail. Some progress has been made in recent years to the point where capsular contracture affects less than 10% of all breast augmentation patients. In years past, this number was much higher.

Recently, a breast augmentation patient of New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker, mentioned to him that she had read about the Aspen Ultrasound System treatment results in improving capsular contracture. Dr. Parker and his Nurse Educator, Angela, followed up on this and met with the developer of the system, physical therapist Tim Weyant. He demonstrated the machine for them and presented his clinical results which were impressive.

“I was very impressed with the Aspen Ultrasound System treatment results and I felt that there is a real need for this type of non-surgical treatment of capsular contracture. It can improve capsular contracture in over 80% of patients without additional surgery. If surgery becomes necessary, the Aspen Ultrasound System can be used as an adjunctive treatment after surgery to significantly reduce the likelihood of recurrent capsular contracture,” explained Dr. Parker.

The Aspen Ultrasound System treatment uses a combination of therapeutic ultrasound and targeted massage to reduce capsular contraction. The ultrasound device does not use a traditional wand but a uniquely designed paddle system that covers the entire breast for more effective penetration of the ultrasound energy. External ultrasound is different from diagnostic or ultrasonic assisted liposuction. It is safe and has been used in applications ranging from treatment of soft tissue injuries to breaking up kidney stones.

“For the first time since my breast implant surgery, I have soft, natural looking breasts. The discomfort I’d been living with is gone. I’m grateful that Dr. Parker is so innovative and always looking for new ways to help women,” – Carly, a patient with capsular contracture after breast augmentation.

By offering the Aspen Rehabilitation System to his patients, Dr. Parker believes he and his team are offering them an excellent non surgical solution to capsular contracture when it occurs after breast augmentation. This commitment in seeking the best treatments for his patients including new technologies and methods has prompted many of the Parker Center’s patients to say “these are the most caring, committed professional people I have ever encountered”.

“I’m always looking to increase my knowledge and skills with new technology and surgical advances. In addition to supplemental training, and learning about new methods, I believe it’s my responsibility to offer my patients the highest level of care, no matter what issue they present. The Aspen Rehabilitation System for capsular contraction is proving to be a successful painless, non-invasive treatment that can bring relief to women who have developed capsular contracture,” Dr. Parker stated.

Dr. Paul M. Parker and the staff at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery strive every day to provide their patients with the safest, state of the art treatments. In addition to Surgiplex, LLC, their 2,300 sq. ft. on site fully accredited ambulatory surgery center, Dr. Parker has recently started using the Keller Funnel® to assist with silicone breast implantation. The Keller Funnel® is a relatively new plastic surgery technique which allows Dr. Parker to insert silicone implants without touching the implant, a so called “no touch” technique. Recent studies have suggested the Keller Funnel® may play a role in reducing capsular contracture associated with breast augmentation.

Dr. Parker, because of his extensive experience with breast surgery, is often consulted by patients of other plastic surgeons who have experienced dissatisfaction with their breast implants. Breast revision surgery is traditionally how capsular contracture has been handled. The Parker Center’s adoption of the Aspen Ultrasound System Treatment program will hopefully correct a substantial number of these patients’ capsular contracture non surgically.

Paul M. Parker, MD is the Medical Director of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery. He has over 20 years’ experience and is very well known and respected for his surgical results and his commitment to patient care and satisfaction. Dr. Parker graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine and completed his residency in general and plastic surgery at New York University Medical Center. He is also an active member and board certified by the American Board of Plastic (ASPS) and holds a certificate of advanced education in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Parker is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and the New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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