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Monica is a young mom who works full-time and is a full-time college student.  Monica adores her boys but having two children in three years had left her feeling that her body would never recover.  Prior to her pregnancies, Monica was very happy with her breasts.  Post pregnancy, her breasts were smaller and deflated.  Also the two pregnancies had left Monica with an umbilical hernia that made her perpetually look three months pregnant.

“I had really poor self-esteem, I felt that nothing ever went right for me and I doubted that things would ever improve.  I didn’t like how small my breasts had become and when I bent over all my stomach would just hang.  I did a million crunches, owned every piece of abdominal equipment ever sold, but my belly never disappeared,” explained Monica.

Monica found Dr. Parker and the Parker Center through the internet.  She did a lot of research and looked at several surgeons websites.  While visiting the Parker Center website, Monica looked at the videos and testimonials and even submitted a few questions on the “Ask Angela” form.  Angela Parisi, Dr. Parker’s Nurse Coordinator, who is also an R.N.,  called Monica the next day to answer her questions and encouraged her to come in for a consultation.

“Angela scheduled my consultation so that I could learn what the procedure was all about.  I really liked how the office was set up, the staff was friendly and they really listened to my concerns.  I never felt rushed.  I felt very confident after meeting with Dr. Parker that he was the surgeon I wanted.  I stopped searching at that moment,” said Monica.

Monica was interested in a Mommy Makeover which typically involves a breast augmentation (sometimes with a breast lift) and a tummy tuck.  Even though it is more cost effective to have both procedures done at the same time (reducing the cost of anesthesia and the surgical suite), Monica couldn’t swing the total cost at the time.  She had a breast augmentation in May 2010 and followed up with the Parker Tummy Tuck (a combination of liposuction with a traditional abdominoplasty procedure) in July of this year.

Monica felt that Dr. Parker really took a lot of time to listen to her concerns.  He also explained in detail what was going on with the umbilical hernia.  Monica thoroughly enjoyed her consultation at the Parker Center especially her time with Liz Kobb, who handles the implant sizing and computer imaging sessions.  Monica brought home her breast implant sizing photos so that she could really look at the photos, see how she would look with different implants and make her decision.

“Before I had my breast augmentation, I was very unhappy with how my breasts looked.  The surgery went very smoothly and afterward I really had no pain whatsoever.  I really loved how my breasts looked after the surgery.  Because everything had gone so well with my breast surgery, it encouraged me to keep saving so that I could have my stomach done too,” Monica stated.

Monica works as a receptionist and with both surgeries used her vacation time to recuperate.  Even though Dr. Parker had told Monica that it would be two weeks before she could go back to work, Monica felt really good after just one week.  Monica followed Dr. Parker’s post-op instructions to the letter and believes that’s the reason she recovered so quickly.

“My results are phenomenal, mind-blowing really!  I can’t believe how flat my stomach is.   It’s incredible, I have no regrets and I would recommend Dr. Parker to anyone who’s interested in changing something that makes them unhappy.  I’ve recommended him to my mom, friends and co-workers, “said Monica.

Monica believes that the best thing about her surgeries is her new outlook on life.  She’s got her self-confidence back and she now believes that anything is possible for her.  Monica says she’s no longer the “down” person she was in the past.  She feels like a whole new woman, she’s going to finish her degree and is ready to take on the world.

If you are interested in a New Jersey Mommy Makeover or any other cosmetic procedure, Dr. Paul M. Parker and the staff of the Parker Center can help you feel like you can take on the world. Please contact us today at or 201-967-1212 for a consultation.  Dr. Parker and his staff want to give you back your confidence and help you enjoy your life more.

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