New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Encourages Patients to Research Options

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Paul M. Parker with Parker Center Plastic Surgery recommends that prospective patients and elective cosmetic surgery clients research physicians with proper credentials. As elective cosmetic procedures continue to increase in popularity across the country and around the world, many physicians are cashing in on the opportunity to provide age-reversing technology and treatments.

“it is important to keep in mind that not every medical doctor has experience or training in elective cosmetic surgical procedures,” cautions Dr. Parker. “We encourage patients to research their prospective physician to find out where they went to medical school and where they completed their surgical training. Even more important is to learn which board certifications they hold and what types of professional societies in which they are members.”

Dr. Parker claims this information is valuable in helping you make a decision about which doctor to choose. Taking the time to find a plastic surgeon that you trust will go a long way toward reducing recovery time and ensuring you are happy with the overall results in many years to come. At the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, we’ve created a Consultation Checklist for potential patients.  This checklist provides patients with a list of questions to ask plastic surgeons.

It is important to discuss any elective cosmetic procedures with your physician and ensure your questions and concerns are appropriately addressed before entering the operating room. Take the time to find out about board certification credentials, accreditation, professional society memberships, and other affiliations for your prospective physician. By investing your time in the research phase, you will reduce recovery time later and save money in the long run by avoiding expensive and time-consuming revision surgeries to correct mistakes that may result from unqualified plastic surgeons.

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