New Jersey Plastic Surgery News: Breast Augmentation Patient Gets the Bust-line She’s Always Wanted at The Parker Center

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Ask Stephanie about her new breast implants and the first thing she says is, “I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. I love my implants!” At 37, Stephanie is an active athletic woman who was so small, she said she wasn’t even an A cup. Safety, money and concern that it would hinder her activities prevented her from doing it until now.


When Stephanie started actively searching for the right New Jersey plastic surgeon, she had consultations with two in the area. Not satisfied with these surgeons, she took the advice of friends who had had procedures with Dr. Paul M. Parker at The Parker Center. “Well,” as Stephanie put it, “I really did save the best for last. Immediately when I met him, I knew,” she says.

A natural look was very important to Stephanie which is why, even two days prior to the procedure, she was still trying to decide between 275 and 300 CCs. The sizing sessions and talking with the nurses was very helpful because they had seen it so often, they knew. “I wanted a bust-line and completely fill a bra. I didn’t want to look freakish. They listened to me and were very patient,” says Stephanie. “I trusted their experience and was able to decide on 275 CCs.”

Stephanie’s less than A cup breasts allowed her to wear form-fitting clothes, but she was self-conscious in low cut or bust enhancing clothes. “I didn’t have anything there. I didn’t feel feminine or sexy.” Dr. Parker let her touch and hold saline and silicone implants during their consultation. With her fears of silicone safety debunked, she chose the silicone because they had the most natural feel about them.

The best part about her new body is that she can still be as active as she was before without any problems. Somewhere between a B and a C cup, Stephanie says, “I run, bike, yoga- everything is fine. Sometimes I forget I have them because they are so comfortable.”


Stephanie loved that the consultation, sizing, surgery and follow-ups are all conducted in the same facility. The after-surgery lymphatic drainage massage at the Beaura Spa is also located at The Parker Center. The people there made a huge impression on her too. “The people that work for Dr. Parker are a reflection of him and the way he conducts his practice. Everybody was so helpful and professional- I just can’t say enough about him and what a positive experience this has been.”


Stephanie is so pleased with her New Jersey breast augmentation and the silicone implants, she wants to tell everybody. “I’m more than happy to talk to anybody who is thinking about getting breast implants. I am so happy with my results that I want to share my experience with others.”

For more information on New Jersey breast augmentation, visit the Web site or call (201) 967-1212.

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