New Jersey Abdominoplasty for Men Patient Robert has New Flat Stomach, New Life

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New Jersey Abdominoplasty for Men Robert is a 22-year old student who came to Dr. Parker in December of last year for a tummy tuck or male abdominoplasty.According to Dr. Parker of New Jersey, abdominoplasty for men is a procedure that flattens the abdomen by removing excess skin, tightening the abdominal muscles and even smoothing stretch marks.

Robert’s abdominal issues were a result of a significant weight loss.  Over the course of 18 months, Robert lost over 160 pounds through diet and exercise.  Losing such a large amount of weight left Robert with stretched out excess skin.

“I just started walking on a treadmill every day and trying to eat right.  I wound up walking about an hour a day and I got kind of addicted to it.  I was unhappy with how my stomach looked even after losing the weight.  I just wanted it to look normal,” explained Robert.

Patients of both sexes who have experienced dramatic weight loss either through bariatric surgery or diet and exercise can have excess skin.  Unfortunately surgery is the only way to remove this excess skin.  No amount of time spent in the gym or abdominal exercises can correct the problem.

Robert had done a lot of research on the Internet and found New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker and the Parker Center’s website.  He liked that the website gave him so much information on the surgery and had a lot of before and after photos to view and also shared real patient stories.

Robert made an appointment with Dr. Parker for a consultation and brought his parents with him.  Even though Robert was determined to have the surgery, he wanted them to meet Dr. Parker and learn about the abdominoplasty for men procedure.
“Right away I was sure this was the place for me.  Dr. Parker and his staff are just nice people.  You’re already so nervous talking about this problem but they make you feel so comfortable.  I knew I was ready to have the surgery and after meeting Dr. Parker, I was sure he was the man to do it,” Robert said.

Robert had his surgery in December of last year. He wanted to have it done while he was on his Christmas break to give himself time to recover.  His New Jersey abdominoplasty for men surgery and recovery went very smoothly and just as Dr. Parker had explained to Robert.

New Jersey Abdominoplasty for Men

“I’m just glad that my stomach is flat now.  I’m really happy with the results.  I worked really hard to lose all that weight and nowI feel like I look the way I should.  I’m really glad I did it; it’s changed how I feel about my body.  Dr. Parker’s nurse Angela was amazing and helped me every step of the way,” said Robert.

Male cosmetic surgery is handled slightly differently at the Parker Center.  Most men are more reticent about sharing their wishes or needs for plastic surgery.  At the Parker Center, we know that men appreciate the anonymity of having cosmetic surgery in our fully certified, on site, ambulatory surgery center, Surgiplex, LLC.  Dr. Parker’s goal of delivering natural looking results is very important to men and our Rapid Recovery Program eases discomfort and helps men return to the workplace faster.

If you’re interested in New Jersey abdominoplasty for men or any other cosmetic procedure, call the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery at 201-967-1212 for a consultation.  To learn more about any procedure and view hundreds of before/after photos, visit our website at

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