Cosmetic Surgery New Jersey — Wrinkle Treatment Patient Laurel Now Fits in With Other Moms

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Laurel is a 36-year old working mom of three children who always felt out of place with the moms of her kids friends. Even though most of the moms were the same age, Laurel always felt she looked much older.

“I had very deep smile lines on both sides of my mouth. My mom and dad both have deep grooves in their faces, so I know where I got them. But they always made me look and feel so much older,” stated Laurel.

Fat transfer injections is a procedure that uses your own fat cells to plump up areas of the face that are sunken or emaciated or to increase volume where desired. The first step involves gentle liposuction of a fatty area such as the abdomen, hips or thighs. Then the fat cells are isolated and cleansed. The third and final step involved injecting those harvested fat cells into the targeted facial areas.

“The effect has been beautiful, very natural looking. I told people I had dental surgery to explain the first few days of swelling. Since then, I’ve noticed that I look a lot more refreshed. I feel like I look much more in line with women my own age now,” said Laurel

Laurel chose this method to rid her face of the deep smile lines because she liked the idea of the long lasting effects of cosmetic surgery.  New Jersey Dr. Parker ensured her she wouldn’t have to come back every few months to have injections done over and over again. Busy with her career and growing family, fat transfer injections fit right into her lifestyle. An added benefit to Laurel was that by using her own fat cells, she wouldn’t encounter any adverse reactions to the injections (like allergies or a chemical sensitivity),

Laurel chose Dr. Parker because not only does she know him personally, but she’s seen his work and she knows that he’s an expert in his field. Laurel found Dr. Parker to be very conservative in his approach. He calmly explained how the procedure would go and what would happen at each stage.

“I had no anxiety. I felt prepared and it went exactly how he said it would. I went in by myself and left by myself after an hour and fifteen minutes. Just like getting my hair done,” explained Laurel.

If you’re someone who is considering a facial rejuvenation procedure but really doesn’t think you’re ready for a full face lift or other any other form of cosmetic surgery,  New Jersey facial fat injections may be for you. This injection method of facial fat sculpting can restore youthful contours to your cheeks, chin, and under-eye area, and add volume to your lips.

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