The Benefits of BOTOX

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As the popularity and ease of use for certain dermal injectables continues to rise, many men and women are confused about which type to select and which type is best for their cosmetic needs. The industry is evolving at a breakneck pace and many new materials have been discovered that can help reduce or reverse signs of aging.

However, according to Dr. Paul M. Parker, BOTOX is a classic and traditional dermal injectable that continues to remain extremely popular due to its ease of use, long-lasting effects, and minimal risk of side effects. BOTOX is popular because wrinkle reduction will last anywhere from four to six months and can be used to treat a number of different types of dynamic facial wrinkles.
For men and women looking for more information about BOTOX and other techniques of age reversal in plastic surgery, Dr. Parker, provides comprehensive information on all treatment types. Other dermal injectables do not last as long. Zyderm, Cosmoderm and Juvederm may last from two to five months and are not used to treat the same type of dynamic wrinkles as BOTOX. Juvederm works best on moderate to deep creases around the mouth, while Cosmoderm is great for fine lines and scars. Restylane and Radiesse are two popular options that provide dramatic results that may last up to one year. Sculptra is probably the longest-lasting dermal injectable and has shown results up to two years after injection.

“We work with the client to best determine their needs,” explains Dr. Parker, “and find a treatment regimen that fits with their budget and goals. There are so many options available these days that we can help almost anyone with any size of budget.”

As a long-standing and traditional form of dermal injection that has been proven to reverse and halt signs of aging, BOTOX in New Jersey helps men and women look and feel younger for months at a time. Discuss the benefits and side effects of this type of treatment with your doctor before undergoing any type of elective cosmetic procedure. He or she should be able to answer any questions you may have and address your concerns in a healthy and productive manner.

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