Need a Fast Acne Cure? New Jersey‘s Parker Center has the Solution.

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

If you need a fast acne cure, New Jersey‘s Parker Center has the solution– namely Isolaz laser treatments.  Isolaz laser treatments are a new and revolutionary approach to fighting acne in half time than what’s required with traditional acne cures.

These results are achieved using the breakthrough technology known as Photopneumatics, which is the only therapy in the world that combines a vacuum and painless laser to deep clean and purify your pores from the inside out. Kim Ashton, New Jersey Spa Customer Service Coordinator

Best of all, the treatments are painless, relaxing and up to 5 times more effective than alternative acne treatments.

But talk about a fast acne treatment- New Jersey or New York residents can literally drive into the spa and undergo an entire treatment in 10 to 20 minutes!  And while the exact number of treatments needed can vary from patient to patient, four sessions is usually all it takes to see dramatic results in the treatment of acne.

Isolaz acne treatments are ideal for brides, TV personalities, professionals or even teenagers that need a fast and real fix for embarrassing acne and other impurities.  Additionally, Isolaz acne treatments are safe, effective and the only system approved by the FDA to treat pustular and comedonal acne as well as mild to moderate and acne vulgaris.

For further information about this revolutionary acne cure, New Jersey or New York residents should call the Beaura Spa at (201) 967-1756.

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