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Rapid Recovery Program in Paramus, New Jersey

About Rapid Recovery for Plastic Surgery Procedures at the Parker Center

Most of our patients lead active lifestyles and desire as little downtime as possible following their procedures. This is especially true of Dr. Parker’s male patients, who often need to return to the workplace as quickly as possible. Because they tend to express concern about staying “under the radar” about their procedures, our male patients also want to make sure they look healthy, and not like they just had surgery, to their clients, colleagues, and friends.

To help address these concerns, Dr. Parker and his team of trained professionals have developed a protocol to return patients back to full activity in the shortest time possible after their surgery. This includes:

  • The use of limited incisions and medical tissue glue to speed wound healing
  • Short-acting anesthetic agents and anti-emetic medications to hasten the recovery from anesthesia
  • A tailored regimen of drugs to minimize postoperative pain
  • A combination of oral medications given pre and postoperatively to minimize swelling and bruising
  • Topically applied skin creams and postoperative medical manual lymphatic drainage massage to accelerate healing
  • Professionally applied camouflage products to get patients back in circulation as quickly as possible

Rapid Recovery Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

The Rapid Recovery patients shown below have results typical of those achieved at the Parker Center. Please choose from the images below to see before and after plastic surgery photos of Parker Center for Plastic Surgery male patients.

Rapid Recovery Patients

Gynecomastia Before and After PhotosGynecomastia Before and After PhotosGynecomastia Before and After PhotosGynecomastia Before and After Photos

before                                                  after

Click on each patient to view enlarged photos, or click here to see all Rapid Recovery procedures for men

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