Will Brazilian Butt Lift Results Still Look Good Years After Surgery?

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Welcome back to our Real Patients Lasting Results series! This month we’re featuring a patient who had a Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Parker in 2007. Keep reading to see her long-term results and learn how this procedure is designed to last.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is enjoying a surge in popularity! The number of procedures performed grew by 32% from 2014 to 2015, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, making it the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery procedure of the year. And it seems that patients are glad they had the procedure—over 94% of patients said their Brazilian Butt Lift was “Worth it” on RealSelf.

We can understand why—this “win-win” procedure not only helps achieve a rounder, shapelier buttocks by transferring a patient’s own natural fat, but also reshapes the surrounding areas, such as the hips, lower backs, belly or thighs, thanks to liposuction.

Although it has only recently gained steam among body contouring options, Dr. Parker has been performing buttock augmentation for many years, and with overwhelmingly positive outcomes. And now, we’re happy to report that this procedure has staying power.

Take a look at this patient’s photos, taken before her Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure, about 6 months after, and now, 7 years later.

Brazilian Butt Lift Results Over Time

Brazilian butt lift results over 7 years
before                          6 months after                        7 years after

After the initial recovery, the fat transferred to the buttocks integrates nicely with the existing fat. As you can see, the above patient has maintained aesthetically pleasing, natural curves years after her procedure.

As you can see, her buttocks still show the nice, round curves resulting from the fat injections, and she has retained the leaner, shapelier contour to her abdomen and lower back after having liposuction to these areas.

The long-term effectiveness is due, at least in part, to the procedure itself. Harvesting fat from a patient’s own body and using it as a filler to enhance the buttocks creates natural looking and feeling results, which are typically long-lasting—on average, about 70% of the transferred fat will “take,” or become naturally incorporated into the existing fat of the buttocks. Plus, since your body cannot manufacture new fat cells (it can only grow and shrink the existing ones), the fat cells removed with liposuction are gone for good. Basically, fat injections in the buttocks are using what you already have to get what you really want.

Another important point that this patient’s photos illustrate—maintaining a stable, healthy weight is key to keeping your Brazilian Butt Lift results looking their best. While liposuction achieves long-lasting fat removal, you can gain and lose weight in surrounding areas, which could affect your overall appearance.

While following post-op instructions after any cosmetic procedure is a must, it’s especially important after a Brazilian Butt Lift, as patients need to make one unique modification to ensure the best possible results—no sitting directly on the buttocks for about eight weeks. As most patients feel ready to return to work much sooner than this, sometimes just a week or so after surgery, sitting on a soft “doughnut” is required to take pressure off of the buttocks as they heal.

Other than this, the recovery after a Brazilian Butt Lift is typically quite tolerable. Liposuction sites may feel sore for a short time, but the discomfort quickly recedes. Patients are often ready to return to all activities, including some exercise, within the first 3 weeks.

If you’ve been dissatisfied with the look and shape of your buttocks, the Brazilian Butt Lift is an option to consider. We invite you to contact our office for a consultation with Dr. Parker to discuss how this win-win procedure might help you achieve the silhouette you want and enjoy a more beautiful buttocks for years to come.

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