Why We Love Micro-Needling: How a Few Tiny Needles Can Revitalize Your Skin

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

One thing we love about our jobs is that we get to help so many different kinds of patients. So we get especially excited when a treatment proves to be so versatile and so effective that we find ourselves recommending it to patients of all ages and skin types for a huge range of concerns and treatment goals.

We’ve been performing micro-needling at the Parker Center for 2+ years—it’s quickly become a favorite to improve anything from fine lines and hyperpigmentation to stretch marks, hair loss and scars.

Micro-needling is a prime example: this innovative skin resurfacing procedure uses dozens of tiny, uber-thin needles to minimize flaws and help skin glow. We’ve been using our micro-needling device, the COSMOPen, for a little over 2 years now, and it’s quickly become one of our all-time favorites. We’ve seen fantastic results with our patients who are bothered by everything from fine lines and hyperpigmentation to stretch marks and hair loss—micro-needling can even help us fade scars.

How tiny needles get big results

Micro-needling creates microscopic punctures in various layers of your skin. These “injuries” trigger skin to heal, producing new collagen and elastin in the process. Post-treatment skin is firmer, smoother, and clearer. We’ve been impressed to see that micro-needling can achieve similar results to fractional laser resurfacing without heat or chemicals.

Our patients have been very pleased with their results, not to mention the many benefits of micro-needling:

  • It doesn’t hurt. We apply numbing cream prior to treatment so you feel no pain.
  • There’s no downtime. Mild redness for the rest of the day is the only typical side effect, and you can apply makeup the very next day.
  • Most patients notice improvements in just a few days. Results only get better and better as the skin regenerates.
  • It’s safe & effective for all skin types, even dark skin. No heat and no chemicals means virtually no risk of pigmentation changes!
  • It’s easy and safe to combine with injectables, skin tightening and other non-surgical treatments for more comprehensive facial rejuvenation in one visit.
  • It’s affordable! Micro-needling gets results at a fraction of the cost of many laser resurfacing treatments.

Our secret “ingredient” that boosts micro-needling’s benefits

Being overachievers, we found a way to make micro-needling even better—during and just after treatment, we apply a rejuvenating serum to your skin, which is custom-selected to help make the specific improvements you want. The microscopic punctures essentially prime your skin, allowing serums to penetrate more deeply and work more quickly and effectively to treat acne scars, improve skin texture, minimize fine lines, and give your skin a radiant glow.

Ready to give micro-needling a try? Here’s what you can expect at the Parker Center

Micro-needling with our Parker Center Medi-Spa professionals is like getting a deluxe facial. We begin by cleansing the skin and applying numbing cream—just sit back and relax while it takes effect. The COSMOPen treatment itself is very quick—20 to 30 minutes tops. After applying serums, we finish with a soothing, 20-minute hyaluronic acid mask to maximize skin conditioning and minimize post-treatment sensitivity. While one treatment can yield improvements, we recommend 3-4 treatments spaced 2-3 weeks apart for optimal results.

If you want to improve your skin, give us a call. You have a lot of options for skincare treatments in New Jersey, and we’ve got the expertise and technology you need to get visible results. Whether you’re ready to schedule an appointment for micro-needling or have a few more questions, contact us today—Dr. Parker and our experienced skin care team will be happy to help.

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