When it Comes to Liposuction for Men, New Jersey Patient at The Parker Center Says, “It’s No Big Deal!”

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Eric, 32, recently came in to see New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, about liposuction to correct some stubborn areas of his flanks and abdomen. “I wanted faster results than what I was seeing at the gym,” he says. “5 days a week for 6 months and I still didn’t see the results I wanted. So, I knew it was time to see Dr. Parker.”

There is often a male-imposed stigma when it comes to cosmetic surgery for men. New Jersey is the same as any other state in that guys may be embarrassed to let people know that they have had plastic surgery. While men want to look their best, they shy away from admitting to being enhanced. But for Eric, he didn’t feel any of this.
“If it makes you happy, don’t worry about what other people think. I’ve told a bunch of my friends and nobody called me crazy or anything,” he jokes.
In fact, Eric said that many of his friends expressed interest in making appointments with Dr. Parker for various cosmetic reasons after seeing his results and hearing about his experience at the Parker Center. So, maybe the tide is turning and more guys can be as confident and secure enough as Eric to better themselves through plastic surgery without feeling ashamed.
One of his buddies said he was going to do some price comparisons first. Eric’s response: “I told him he might find a cheaper price, but he wouldn’t get the same results.”
The reason Eric chose Dr. Parker for his liposuction was because his wife had already had a similar procedure months earlier. “Her results and recovery were great so I knew I would come to Dr. Parker when I was ready for my own liposuction,” he says.
He may not even be finished with cosmetic surgery. Eric expressed interest in rhinoplasty during his liposuction consultation to fix the after-effects of a broken nose.
So if you are interested in liposuction for men, New Jersey guy, Eric, says, “Do it! Check out the Parker Center. Dr. Parker is a meticulous surgeon who gets great results; his supporting staff is terrific in recovering patients quickly and well.”
For more information about cosmetic surgery for men, visit our Website at  www.parkercenter.net or call (201) 967-1212 to schedule a consultation.

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