Viviane finds New Confidence in New Jersey Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Seven years ago Viviane had breast augmentation surgery in a foreign country. Last year when she heard about the possible side effects of silicone PIP implants, she became concerned. She contacted the surgeon who had performed the surgery, and he confirmed that her implants were the PIP type making headlines.

In March 2011, news reports revealed that PIP implants, manufactured by a French company of the same name, were filled with industrial silicone as opposed to medical grade, making them 6X more likely to rupture or leak.

“After I found out that I had PIP implants I had an ultrasound and MRI. According to the results of those tests, there was evidence that one of my implants was leaking. I started looking into having my PIP implants removed and replaced with something safer,” said Viviane.

Viviane decided to perform thorough research for a New Jersey Plastic Surgeon. She started on the Internet, narrowed her search down to three doctors and made appointments to have consultations with each one. After meeting all three surgeons, Viviane chose Dr. Parker.

“I was looking for three things in a plastic surgeon: 1) experience, 2) knowledge and 3) a level of comfort with the doctor. Dr. Parker exceeded my expectations in all three areas and was the obvious choice for me,” explained Viviane.

breast augmentation side before and after

Viviane described her second breast augmentation surgery experience as much more pleasant than her first, starting with the initial consultation. Because of her history with the defective implants, Viviane had a list of questions. She was happy that everyone at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery took so much time to address her concerns.

In addition to Dr. Parker and his team at the Parker Center, Viviane was also very impressed by Surgiplex, LLC, the onsite, fully certified ambulatory surgical center where Dr. Parker performs all of his procedures. This 2,300 square foot facility was designed with patient safety and comfort in mind. Though housed within the Parker Center complex, Surgiplex, LLC has its own private entrance which allows for complete patient privacy and anonymity. It is staffed by Dr. Parker’s highly trained team of registered nurses and board certified anesthesiologists to provide patients the highest level of care possible.

“Everyone at the Parker Center was wonderful to me. Angela was truly an angel. She was right there after my surgery answering my questions. She was just as patient as she’d been with me before the surgery. Michelle also was great by sharing her experiences with me and making me feel so warm and comfortable,” Viviane said.

Viviane is thrilled with her new breast implants. She went up about ½ of a cup size and likes the fuller look in her clothes. Her recovery simply involved lying low for a few days, and she says it really was not painful at all. Viviane is excited about her new implants and relieved that she no longer has to worry about the safety of her breast implants.

“I love how I look with my new implants, and the worry that I had been experiencing with my old implants is gone. Everyone at the Parker Center was so welcoming and patient with me. I would recommend Dr. Parker to anyone without hesitation,” Viviane stated.

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“PIP silicone implants were never approved by the FDA and consequently not used in the United States. They were widely used in Europe and South America. Patients who had surgery outside the U.S. should contact the doctor or facility where the surgery was performed to find out if they had PIP implants.

Because of the high failure rate, these implants should be removed and replaced,” said Dr. Parker.

If you’ve been considering a breast implant revision or plastic surgery, Dr. Paul M. Parker has over 20 years of experience. In fact many other doctors refer breast implant revision patients to Dr. Parker. To learn more please visit our website at For a consultation, please call our office at 201-967-1212.

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