The Real Cost of Breast Augmentation: When the Least Expensive New Jersey Breast Augmentation Becomes the Most Expensive

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Money is always a factor when purchasing big ticket items, and cosmetic surgery is no exception. Patients need to understand the different between cost and price. If you go with the cheapest price, you could put yourself at risk for higher costs in the long term. Complication rates, longer recovery time, unsatisfactory results are just a few of the things that could cost you down the road. New Jersey Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul Parker states, “Choosing a surgeon who offersteam_photo_angela_03.jpg breast augmentation at a dramatically reduced cost can be a bad decision.”

Breast Augmentation today should be a straightforward procedure with a well educated patient, a well executed procedure followed by a rapid, paid free recovery and natural appearing, soft breasts.

“The first operation is the patient’s best opportunity to get a great result. It becomes increasingly difficult to achieve this with each successive procedure. This has to do with the surgeon’s ability to correct and control the scar tissue which forms in the “breast pocket” around the breast implant,” says Dr. Parker. He also notes that some revisions are impossible because too much damage has been done.

When a patient searches for a cosmetic surgeon in New Jersey, Dr. Parker urges them to shop around, but not just on cost. “It is important to compare the surgeon’s credentials, experience facilities, and the testimonials from former patients,” he says.

The first qualification for a plastic surgeon is to ensure they are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. pc_breast_enlargement_newjersey_1_1.jpgSecondly, the surgeon should have extensive breast augmentation experience, and you can typically find this out by requesting to view his before and after photos. Thirdly, you should feel comfortable with the surgeon you choose. All relationships, including the one with your surgeon, should require good communication. Make sure you feel you can express any concerns or ask any questions with the surgeon you choose.

The average cost of a New Jersey breast augmentation can be around $7,370 for both breasts, so when comparison shopping make sure you are comparing apples to apples. You should have a written quote from the surgeon that includes the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fee, facility fee and the cost of the breast implant.pc_breast_enlargement_newjersey_2_2.jpg

At the Parker Center we provide you with the following to ensure every breast augmentation patient has a great experience at an affordable cost.

  • An in-depth initial consultation with Dr. Parker about breast augmentation surgery options
  • Time spent with Dr. Parker’s staff carefully reviewing many Before and After photos of breast augmentation patients
  • Time spent with Dr. Parker’s staff reviewing video and written testimonials by former breast augmentation patients of Dr. Parker’s and the opportunity to speak with them about their experience and results
  • Several Sizing and Shaping Sessions with Dr. Parker’s experienced nurses to determine implant size/type
  • A face to face Pre-op Education Session with Dr. Parker’s Nurse Educator prior to surgery
  • A comfortable, fully-certified onsite ambulatory surgical facility where surgery is performed
  • An experienced surgical team led by Dr. Parker, employing state of the art surgical techniques to create soft, natural appearing breasts
  • Board Certified Anesthesiologists who work daily with Dr. Parker and have for years, to administer appropriate anesthesia for surgery
  • Signature “Rapid Recovery Program” to help bring about a quick, pain free recovery with careful postoperative follow up by Dr. Parker and his experienced team of nurturing nurses
  • Attractive financing packages to help make the surgery more affordable

When seeking New Jersey Breast Augmentation, choose a surgeon who is board certified, experienced, professional and surrounded with a good team. Be confident they will give you a good result and value for your money.

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