The Lip Flip: Your Secret for a Full, Defined Upper Lip

Woman applies lipstick to her full lips.

Full, youthful lips are more popular than ever, and injectables can help create the perfect look. Many patients think of lip injections with dermal fillers when it comes to adding volume—but that isn’t the only option on the market for creating appealing lips. The lip flip, for example, is a procedure that uses BOTOX® to create a fuller upper lip. Our Paramus patients love this subtle approach to lip enhancement and the natural-looking results it creates. 

If you would like to define your upper lip but feel unsure about fillers, a lip flip may be right for you. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right treatment for your goals. 

What is a lip flip?

A lip flip is a nonsurgical procedure that uses a small amount of BOTOX to enhance your upper lip’s appearance. The treatment involves the injection of BOTOX into the Cupid’s bow area and the corners of your mouth. As these tiny lip muscles begin to relax, your upper lip “flips” and moves upward and outward. The entire procedure typically takes around 10 to 20 minutes, and there is no extended recovery time involved. 

What are the benefits of a lip flip?

A lip flip is an excellent option if you want to increase the size of your upper lip. It is particularly useful if you:

  • Are frustrated by an upper lip that “disappears” when you smile
  • Want to reduce the appearance of a “gummy” smile
  • Want to increase the size of your lips without dermal fillers
  • Prefer a more subtle or shorter-term option for plumping lips

You may experience some slight swelling around the mouth after your treatment. These side effects will fade, and your final look should be apparent after 3 to 5 days.

How is a lip flip different from traditional lip fillers?

A lip flip is unique because the treatment involves BOTOX rather than dermal fillers. BOTOX creates the appearance of a fuller lip by relaxing the muscles that pull the lip downward. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, add actual volume to the lips using a substance known as hyaluronic acid. 

How long do lip flip results last?

The effects of a lip flip typically last for around 8 to 12 weeks. Result longevity varies based on how quickly your body metabolizes the product. If you want a longer-lasting option, however, lip lifts or dermal fillers may help. Lip lift surgery lasts for many years, and dermal fillers increase the size of the lips for more than 6 months. Some evidence also suggests that BOTOX may prolong the effects of your dermal fillers, and you may appreciate a dual-pronged approach for the comprehensive enhancement of your smile.

If you’re interested in BOTOX, dermal fillers, or other nonsurgical treatments in Paramus, please request a consultation online. You can also contact our practice office by phone at (201) 967-1212.

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