Tara Finally Feels Like a Real Woman after Breast Augmentation

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Tara is a 27-year-old single mom who has wanted to have larger breasts for the past few years. Feeling cheated because all the women in her family are large breasted, Tara wanted to feel more womanly and less like a teenage girl. In New Jersey, breast augmentation is a popular procedure among many women.

“My grandmother kept telling me there was still time for me to develop a chest. But at 27, and even after having a baby, I still felt like I had nothing. I was tired of it and ready to make a change,” said Tara.

Tara is in the medical field and knows the importance of doing her research on plastic surgeons in NJ. She searched cosmetic surgeons on the Internet and made appointments with three doctors for consultations. Initially, Tara was impressed with the breast augmentation before and after photos on the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery website and the amount of information available there. Later when Tara had her initial consultation with Dr. Parker she was equally impressed with the staff, the facility, and the amount of time and information she received.

new jersey breast augmentation“Everything about the Parker Center impressed me. When I saw the other surgeons for consultations, one didn’t want to show me any before and after photos and the other surgeon really rushed me through the consult. That never happened at the Parker Center. From the moment I was greeted at the front desk, I was made to feel comfortable,” explained Tara.

Tara wanted to go as large as she could with her breast implants. Dr. Parker and Liz Kobb, the digital imagining consultant, helped Tara understand what would be the best implant to give her the results she desired. Tara really enjoyed the sizing sessions with Liz and the ability to see herself in photographs with her new breasts.

Tara had her surgery while she was on spring break from college. She described her recovery as “textbook.” Tara said everything went very smoothly after the surgery with very little pain or bruising. She explained that her recovery went exactly as New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker had described. Since Tara has a very physically demanding job, she did take a few weeks off from work.

“I’m thrilled with the results of my breast surgery. I love the way that I look and feel now. I actually can fill out clothes without buying push up or padded bras or stuffing my bra. I go out to clubs in New York and they pat you down at the door, and I was always self-conscious about my padding. Now it’s all me,” Tara stated.

Taking her time and researching her New Jersey breast augmentation options gave Tara confidence in making her decision to have her surgery. Everyone at the Parker Center made Tara feel as though they were there just to help her, not intimidate or push her into something.

In New Jersey, breast augmentation gives women like Tara the femininity and self-confidence that they feel they are lacking. Learn how Dr. Parker and the staff at the Parker Center can help you achieve your personal goals.

Visit our website at www.parkercenter.net for patient testimonials, videos on cosmetic procedures and hundreds of before and after photos. For your please call our office, 201-967-1212.

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