Surprising Things That May Be Harming Your Skin

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Woman-holding-faceSometimes it feels like our skin is waging a constant battle: sun, weather, and lifestyle factors along with the aging process can make beautiful skin seem out of reach. Thankfully, our friends over at Daily Makeover recently outlined a list of things you can do—and not do—to help your skin. Read on to learn about some surprising things you may not realize are contributing to congested or prematurely aged skin.

Your Habits: Rethink Your Routine

Most everyone knows that smoking or laying out in the sun can negatively impact your skin, but there are a few less obvious culprits as well. For instance, crash diets or skipping meals can make your facial skin look drawn and parched. Your skin is nourished not just from what you put on it, but what you put in your body—you get most of your vital skin-health nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from eating a healthy diet. Your body and your skin will thank you for maintaining healthy eating habits throughout the day.

Other habits to avoid: glasses are great for protecting your eyes or hiding the results of a poor night of sleep. But if you’re not regularly cleaning the frames as well as the lenses, they could be placing breakout-causing bacteria right on your skin.

Your Products: It’s Not Just What You Put On Your Face

Did you know that the products you use on your hair can lead to breakouts and inflammation? Hair products aren’t formulated to be good for your skin, but think about how often your hair sweeps against your face, neck, and shoulders. Curious about random breakouts in these areas? Your hair may the culprit, so try different products or a hairstyle that keeps your hair from touching the skin around it.

Other products that can impact your skin: heavy makeup should also be avoided, even if you’re dreading showing off that persistent pimple. Makeup can clog your pores and irritate your skin—and long-wear products are often the worst. In addition, make sure you’re removing all of your makeup every day.

Beautiful Skin Doesn’t Have to Be a Fantasy

Read the full article to see what else may be contributing to dull, aged, or acne-prone skin so you can begin kicking bad skin habits to the curb. While the perfectly flawless skin seen in magazines is mostly thanks to the power of Photoshop, achieving radiant, healthy skin is possible. Here are our three main tips for beautiful skin:

  • Be aware. Get to know your skin, the products you use, and the things you do that either help or harm your skin. Paying attention to these details will help you make small adjustments that lead to big improvements.
  • Invest in great skincare products. It can be hard to spend a lot of money on a small tube of product, but using the right products for your skin can help prevent skin woes now and in the future.

We have a variety of professional skin treatments and age-defying products that can help you stay ahead of the game. If you’re in New Jersey and interested in taking your skincare to the next level, contact us to schedule your skin evaluation and consultation. Our skincare experts would love to sit down with you to discuss your concerns and explore your options—and you’ll even get a comprehensive understanding of your skin with a VISIA complexion analysis!

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