Is the Standard for Beauty in the US Shifting Toward Smaller Breasts?

woman in bra wearing pink sweater

Ever flipped through your high school yearbook, seen the mile-high bangs, stone-washed jeans, and fanny packs you so proudly sported back then, and thought, “What the heck was I thinking?!?” Such trips down memory lane remind us just how much fashions change in a relatively short amount of time.

The same is true of cosmetic procedures—and it now appears that the “Baywatch” look that was en vogue through the early 2000s may be on the out, as well as the large, round breast implants that often helped achieve that look. Throughout 2017, media sources form the New York Post to New Beauty reported on an emerging trend of women favoring smaller breasts.

A number of theories have been proposed to explain why achieving a more modest breast size is appealing to many women today, the main one being a general cultural shift toward a healthy, “natural” aesthetic, evident in the popularity of comfortable, soul-soothing attire (think yoga pants and bralettes), minimal-fuss hairstyles, and clean, whole-food eating.

Celebrities have championed the “less is more” idea when it comes to breast size as well, which inevitably reinforces our own tastes and goals for our appearance. A recent case in point is that of Amber Rose, who famously and publicly contemplated breast reduction to her Instagram followers.

Increased participation in fitness and endurance sports is another likely factor that we’ve seen in many of our own Paramus breast augmentation patients—women are choosing their breast implants with both form and function in mind. And in fact, small breast implants have certain advantages over very large ones, including a reduced risk for capsular contracture, and with less weight being supported by your breast tissue, premature sagging is less of an issue. You’ll also have a little more choice when bra shopping, especially for supportive sports bras.

Breast enhancement has always been about feeling great in your own skin. That hasn’t changed.

While trending tastes in breast size fluctuate throughout the years, achieving the largest possible breast size has never been our primary goal with breast augmentation. The majority of patients want to improve their overall breast symmetry and shape and get a level of fullness that flatters their natural proportions—and the truth is that a this can be achieved with a range of implant sizes. Those who want a larger boost will pick from the higher end their ideal size range, and those who want a more modest increase will pick from the smaller end of that range.

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