September Plastic Surgery News

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

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As a plastic surgery practice, we see a lot of news about plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements—and we know our patients love to hear what’s going on! There have already been some great articles this month, so check out our favorite plastic surgery news stories from September.

Sculpting Identity: A History of the Nose Job
The Atlantic recently published an incredibly interesting piece we’re sure our New Jersey rhinoplasty patients will love to read! Take a trip through history to see how reconstructive and cosmetic nasal surgery has progressed over time.

Is the Stigma of Plastic Surgery Vanishing? (And Is That a Good Thing?)
Yahoo! News discusses the growing trend of younger people being more open about plastic surgery, including celebrities and fashion icons.

Breast Reduction Surgery for Teenage Boys In the US On the Rise
The UK’s Independent talks about the rise in male breast reduction surgery among teenage boys suffering from gynecomastia.

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