Rhonda Has Neck Lift and Finds Herself Twenty Years Younger!

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Rhonda, 65, is a married, mother of two grown children who went to see Dr. Parker on the recommendation of her dermatologist. Rhonda had a bony bump on her forehead that had grown which she wanted removed. Her sagging neck has also been an issue for her.

At her consultation with cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, Rhonda met Liz Kolb, Dr. Parker’s digital imaging consultant. Liz showed Rhonda how she’d look after the bump was removed. On a whim, Rhoda asked Liz to show her what she’d look like if she had her neck done. Leaving the office, Rhonda knew she was going to have the bump removed, but she was fascinated by how good she could look if she had her neck done.

“I was sure that I was going to have Dr. Parker fix my forehead after my consultation. But after Liz showed me the photos of my neck, it was all I could think about. I went home talked with my family and decided to go in for another consultation for my neck. My daughter said I should ‘go for it,’ and I really wanted to,” said Rhonda.

Rhonda was very nervous about her surgery but was reassured by everyone at the Parker Center. Rhonda really appreciated the fact that no one pushed her at all. She liked that she felt the decision was entirely her own.

A neck lift—or cervicoplasty, as it is sometimes called—removes the excess skin and fat as well as tightening the underlying platysma muscle below the jawline in the neck area. Incisions are generally relatively short and in inconspicuous locations under the chin and behind both ears. Patients will almost always spend the night in our fully certified surgical suite, Surgiplex, LLC, monitored one on one by a well trained registered nurse.

Even though Rhonda was nervous, she knew that Dr. Parker came highly recommended by her dermatologist, and she felt that he and his staff were kind, caring and professional. Her nerves must have been apparent to Dr. Parker because at one point he told her that she didn’t have to have the surgery. It was completely elective and entirely her decision. Rhonda appreciated his forthright manner and honesty and was determined to give herself this gift.

“They were wonderful; everyone there made me feel completely comfortable and secure in my decision. I was ready to do this, and Dr. Parker really explained the entire procedure to me. When he told me I might feel some tightness under my chin after surgery, I asked him to show me what he meant, and he did. He answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns,” explained Rhonda.

Rhonda had taken three weeks off from work just to be on the safe side but said that she probably could have returned after two. Everything went exactly as Dr. Parker had explained, and her recovery was uneventful. Rhonda explained that although she was bruised and swollen, she never felt pain—just discomfort—for the first few days after the removal of her bump and neck lift.

“I look unbelievable. It’s amazing, I look like me, just a much better me. My daughter thinks I look 20 years younger. I never had wrinkles, but I just didn’t realize how much the drooping aged me. I look wonderful, and I feel wonderful. I’m so glad I did this for me,” Rhonda said.

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