Plastic Surgery Patient Stacey is Thrilled with Her Natural Results

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Stacey, a 59-year-old woman who primarily works outdoors, wanted to rejuvenate her appearance.  After extensive research and careful consideration, she opted to have a facelift and neck lift combined with a breast augmentation and a lip implant.

“I decided to have everything done at once to minimize my downtime.  I knew that I wanted to have these things done, and why should I spread it out and have to go through multiple recoveries? I work for myself and have a really physical job so I can’t afford to be out of commission for any length of time,” Stacey explained.

Stacey had eyelift surgery with Dr. Parker approximately 12 years ago and knew that if she ever decided to have more cosmetic surgery, she was going to return to the Parker Center.  Stacey explained that when she had her eye lift surgery, she absolutely loved the results.  After twelve years, Stacey felt she was ready for a facelift.

Stacey asked Dr. Parker what he believed would give her the best results. Following Dr. Parker’s recommendation, Stacey opted for both a face and neck lift in order to achieve the best results.  Dr. Parker also said that he could add the lip implant to complete the look.

“I’m thrilled with how I look.  When you find someone good and who knows what they’re doing, you stick with them.  Dr. Parker knew what I was looking for and he absolutely got it right.  I look and feel fantastic.  Why would I ever look anywhere else?  He’s a great surgeon. I listened to him, and I got great results,” Stacey explained.

The breast implants were something Stacey had been thinking about for a long time, and she’s really glad she did it at the same time.  She works with a lot of men and wanted to feel feminine. Stacey really feels that the implants have helped her with that.

“I look so good, and I’m so pleased.  Dr. Parker and his staff are fantastic! He listened to what I wanted, and I listened to him when he explained how he could achieve my goal.  I look and feel wonderful.  He and his staff are just the best.  You’ll never meet a nicer or more professional group of people,” Stacey said.

For more information on facelifts, lip implants or breast augmentations visit our website at  You’ll find dozen of before and after photos, patient testimonials, and animated videos of procedures.  For a consultation, contact our office at (201) 967-1212.

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