Plastic Surgery on the Rise for Second Consecutive Year

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

As the nation continues to recover from economic hardship over the past few years, many experts feel the rising trend in plastic surgery popularity can be used as a type of weathervane indicator. For the second straight year in a row, patients are heading to the operating room and consulting with highly trained physicians in their area about ways to improve the way they look and feel. While some individuals are looking to fix long-standing defects that have bothered them about their face or shape, many are simply looking to turn back the hands of time with popular anti-aging regimens.

For men and women looking for information about the rise in popularity of plastic surgery, New Jersey is home to physician, Dr. Paul M. Parker. He gives credit to the stabilizing economy, but also alludes to the fact that surgical techniques are becoming safer, more affordable and more accessible than ever before.

“As the industry grows in popularity,” explains Dr. Parker, “new techniques and technologies are developed that help decrease operating room time and speed up recovery. Less time in the operating room translates to less cost for the patient and makes the procedure more affordable and more popular overall.”

Rhinoplasty New Jersey

There are a few expected trends in the continued popularity of certain cosmetic enhancement procedures such as breast augmentation and face lifts. However, a few unexpected procedures such as chin lifts and calf enhancement are also gaining speed for men. The overall increase in numbers is also likely due to an increase in the total number of men that are seeking elective cosmetic procedures. Previously regarded and marketed toward women, men are now investing in a larger share of the field.

“We are able to provide custom advice and treatment regimens that specifically address the needs of men,” explains Dr. Parker. “We welcome men and the unique questions they often have as they require different pre- and post-operative instructions for many of the procedures.”

If the last few years are any indication, elective plastic surgery in New Jersey will continue to rise through the future. Take the time to find a certified and experienced physician to help ensure you get the results you desire.

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