Patients of the Month for February 2012 – Upper and Lower Eyelid Lift

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

This month’s Featured Patient demonstrates the power of surgery to improve the appearance of both the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelid procedures such as this are known as a “blepharoplasty” or “eyelid lift”. The patient came to Dr. Parker with concerns about her eyes that we hear very often, including:

  • heaviness of her upper eyelids
  • puffiness of her lower eyelids
  • looking older than she feels

As we age, skin laxity develops, along with protrusion of fat that surrounds the eyeball . These age-associated changes affect the appearance of both the upper and lower eyelids.

In performing an upper eyelid lift for our Featured Patient, Dr. Parker removed the excess skin and fat in an elliptical fashion. He then carefully closed the incision in the upper eyelid crease, to be sure the scar is undetectable.

In addressing this patient’s lower eyelids, Dr. Parker transferred her excess fat to the depression below the eyelid known as the “tear trough”. This allows for better blending from the eyelid into the cheek area. He also removed excess lower eyelid skin through an inconspicuous incision just beneath the eyelashes.

Finally, Dr. Parker performed a TCA peel on the lower eyelid skin to help tighten the patient’s fine wrinkles and to help reduce the dark coloration of her lower eyelids.

The patient is thrilled with her results and says, “I’ve had more people give me compliments…They say that I’m a new woman.”

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