Patients of the Month for April 2012 – Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift with Augmentation

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

This month we are discussing 3 patients who exemplify the power of breast implants in restoring or creating full, perky, youthful breasts. All 3 women presented to Dr. Parker with concerns about sagging breasts which had lost their fullness after pregnancy. Breast implants were used to restore this lost volume.

Featured Patient 1

In patient #1, the implants provided some degree of uplift and perkiness. This worked because this patient’s nipples sat above the breast crease, also known as the inframammary fold.

Featured Patient 2

Patient # 2 is interesting because her right nipple sat above the breast crease, but the left did not. Accordingly, Dr. Parker treated the right breast by inserting a breast implant only. On the left side, he inserted a breast implant but also lifted this nipple and areola into a more symmetric position with the other side using a peri areolar mastopexy. This is a “mini” lift whereby a semi circle of skin is removed from just above the areola. The areola is then “lifted” into a higher position with internal sutures.

Featured Patient 3

Patient #3 demonstrates an even greater degree of drooping, or ptosis, of the breasts. The lost volume was again treated by Dr. Parker with a breast implant. Because of the greater degree of ptosis, Dr. Parker needed a more powerful surgical procedure to lift the areolas and drooping breasts into proper position. A “lollipop lift”, otherwise known as a vertical mastopexy, provided the needed lift.

All three patients recovered quickly and well with the Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery program. They are pleased with their rejuvenated breasts. We invite you to read their individual stories to learn more about each case.

Breast augmentation and lift surgery is something we do very commonly here at the Parker Center. As shown by our examples here, the treatment plan for each patient is customized to the patient’s individual concerns and anatomy.

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