Patient of the Month for May 2011 – Lip Enhancement

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery
Woman before and after lip implants

This month’s patient features a long lasting solution to aging lips; those which are losing their plumpness and developing fine wrinkle lines around them. This 60-year-old patient noticed these changes occurring and consulted with Dr. Parker about treatment options. She preferred a long-term solution as opposed to undergoing periodic “filler” injections into her lips.

Using only local anesthesia, Dr. Parker made a small incision on the inside of the patient’s mouth, allowing him to insert a 4-mm wide, solid but soft silicone implant into her upper and lower lip. The small incisions were then closed with two dissolvable stitches. The patient experienced virtually no pain and was back at work the day after the procedure. She loves the natural but fuller look of her lips, the disappearance of the wrinkle lines, and the ability to wear lip gloss only when going out.

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