Patient of the Month for March 2011 – The Parker Tummy Tuck

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

This month’s Featured Patient demonstrates the powerful nature of the Parker Tummy Tuck. Our patient is 34 years old Patty. She lost 100 pounds over several years with diet and exercise. At 5’10”, weighing 228 pounds, and wearing a size 18 dress, she was still larger than she wanted to be and was bothered by her hanging abdominal skin and fat, as well as the persistent fullness in her hips and back.

Dr. Parker performed a modified Lipoabdominoplasty procedure, which has become known as the Parker Tummy Tuck. This allowed him to significantly contour the patient’s abdomen. In addition, he performed liposuction of her hips and back, removing 1075 cc of fat from each hip and 1350 cc of fat from her back.

After a smooth and quick recovery, the patient lost an additional 20 pounds. Her dress size has dropped from 18 to 12 in the first 3 months after surgery; she says even this feels loose on her. This surgery has been life transforming for Patty. She feels like a new person with much more self confidence. She loves putting on clothes and having them fit well, without all of the excess skin which was there before surgery. A traditional tummy tuck could not have provided this degree of improvement in Patty’s abdomen or allowed for as rapid a recovery as she experienced with the Parker Tummy Tuck.

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